President Trump Was Late to Meet Queen Elizabeth & She Was Not Having It

Queen Elizabeth
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When meeting the British monarch for the first time, there are a few things to remember. There are standard protocols are to be followed, and although it might be a lot to take on as a royalty rookie, there's one thing you should never, ever do: keep the queen waiting. Ah, yes. President Trump and Melania Trump had their meeting with Queen Elizabeth earlier today, and well, they showed up not-so-fashionably late. 

  • The Trumps were scheduled to meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle for tea, but the royal monarch was left waiting for 10 minutes.

    In 80 degree heat, mind you. So, the moment the queen pulls out her watch and SHOWS it to someone, you know you've done something wrong. 

    Queen Lizzie is a busy woman. She doesn't have time to sit around and wait for her fellow world leader to show up whenever he pleases. 

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  • Because a picture just can't do the moment justice, here's a video of Queen Elizabeth's totally called-for impatience. 

    Americans, man. 

    Protests against Trump's visit were raging throughout the city of London today, but all the queen cared about was getting her tea on time. 

  • And this wasn't the only awkward thing to happen during their meeting.

    Here we have President Trump walking in front of Queen Elizabeth. Not only is this a huge royal protocol no-no, it's also just plain rude. 

    The woman is in her 90s and has led her country for 63 years, and you're going to leave her behind??

  • To make matters worse, Queen Elizabeth also reportedly had to correct the Trumps on where they were standing. 

    Queen E was seen telling the President and First Lady something, and immediately after, they switched positions. She also had to direct President Trump on where to walk during the visit -- as he looked somewhat confused.

    Sounds like it ended up being a pretty exhausting day for Queen Elizabeth. 

  • So lastly, we leave you with this picture that pretty much just sums it all up. 

    The disappointment in her face says it all. Next time, President Trump, at least try to be on time.