Prince William's Approach to Parenting His Kids Tugs at Our Heartstrings

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Being a dad of three, the heir to the English throne, and dealing with a hectic royal schedule surely is a lot to handle, but Prince William seems to have a good grasp on things. He may have a myriad of responsibilities to juggle, but at the end of the day, the future King of England puts his family first -- and it shows. And where did he get this hands-on parenting mentality? His own mother, Princess Diana. 

  • A royal source revealed to People that William is doing his best to make sure his children grow up with fun and excitement in their lives.

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    Just like Princess Diana did for him and Prince Harry.

    The source added, "[William] can do all the things that he thinks are important for family life and make sure that his children have that loving, caring, fun home that his mother was trying to create.”

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  • Even with Kate and William's first child, Prince George, it was clear that these two royal parents were going to be a little bit different.

    Kate Middleton Prince George Prince William Princess Charlotte
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    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a very hands-on approach to parenting -- something that isn't too common for the royal family. But, it was how Diana chose to raise her two boys, so it's only natural that William would want to follow in his mom's footsteps. 

  • Just by looking at how Kate and William interact with their children in public, you can tell they come first.

    Kate Middleton Prince William Prince George Princess Charlotte
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    Royals are rarely seen touching or tending to their kids at public events, but the duke and duchess have no problem holding hands with George and Charlotte or giving them their full attention. 

    And, honestly, when your kids are this adorable, it's hard not to dote on them constantly. We get it, Cambridge's. 

  • Diana's legacy lives on in how Prince William is brining up his three kids, but he also wants her memory to be a little bit more concrete.

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    According to People, William talks to Prince George and Princess Charlotte (and Prince Louis once he's old enough to understand) about their grandmother, and Kate also reportedly has filled their home with pictures of the late princess. 

  • Princess Diana may not be here in person to share experiences with her family, but Prince William is making sure his mother is there in spirit.

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    Thanks to William, his three royal kiddos are going to grow up with a lot of Diana in them. And we couldn't think of anything better!