All the Times Meghan Markle Has Been Called Out for Making a Royal Mistake

Madison Breaux | Jul 13, 2018 Celebrities
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Meghan Markle
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Although she's been hanging with royalty for a while now, Meghan Markle has only been officially royal for a few months -- and learning the ropes of all the protocols and traditions is tough. So we can't blame her for a having a few slip-ups, right? Not at all. The pressure of pleasing a new family and dealing with the intense spotlight shining on her and her new husband Prince Harry must be tremendous, so if the worst thing Meghan is doing is accidentally crossing her legs, then we think she's doing OK. She's still new at this! We can't expect the Duchess of Sussex to be doing a perfect curtsy and nailing every public appearance right off the bat. 

She's still in the learning curve stage of being a royal, and that's totally OK. She has Prince Harry and the rest of her new family to help her along the way, and they've already been  welcoming and understanding when it comes to teaching Meghan all of the rules. Plus, we know she'll get the hang of it eventually. Just look at Kate Middleton. She didn't start her royal career with perfection either, so it'll just take Meghan a little time to get used to everything. 

Here are all of Meghan's royal faux pas that she's made so far. Even duchesses can't get it right all of the time! She's only human, after all. 

  • Letting Her Politics Show

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    While in Ireland with Prince Harry, Meghan subtly let her pro-choice beliefs slip when talking to senator Catherine Noon at the British Ambassador's garden party. She didn't flat out say her thoughts on abortion, but the implication was enough. 

  • Crossing Her Legs in Front of the Queen


    The outrage! At the Queen's Young Leaders event, Meghan was spotted crossing her legs with the monarch present. 

  • Crossing Her Legs Again


    And here Meghan is again ... crossing her legs. Seriously, when will she learn?

  • Asking the Queen Who Gets in the Car First

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    When in doubt, just ask! When Meghan and the queen made their first solo appearance together, the duchess wasn't too sure about who was supposed to get in the car first. Meghan subtly asked the queen for guidance -- which of course, she graciously gave her. 

  • Wearing an Off-the-Shoulder Dress to Trooping the Color

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    Royals have to be extremely modest in their dress, so it took many by surprise when Meghan opted for an off-the-shoulder dress for her first Trooping the Color ceremony. Bold move, Meg.

  • Signing an Autograph

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    Before she was officially royal, Meghan was already breaking some royal rules. Prince Harry and Meghan took a trip to Cardiff, where she obliged a fan by signing an autograph. BIG royal no-no.

  • The Improper Curtsy


    Meghan apparently bent her back way too much and had the wrong footing when doing her curtsy in front of the queen. We're sure she's practiced a lot since then.

  • All of the Hand Holding

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    The royals rarely show affection for each other in public, so when Prince Harry and Meghan debuted as a couple accompanied by all sorts of PDA, people were shocked. Even though they've toned it down a bit since getting married, these two still get away with the occasional hand-hold. 

  • Not Wearing Panty Hose

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    OK, no one can really blame her for this one. It's a royal fashion rule to be wearing skin-colored tights at all times when wearing a dress, but when Meghan made her engagement debut, she did it sans hose. 

    Cue the outrage. 

  • Showing Her Bare Shoulders


    At her wedding of all events? The duchess looked undeniably classy, but did the queen approve that second wedding gown of hers?

  • Speaking Openly About Her Relationship

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    When Meghan was on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2017, she spoke quite frankly about her relationship with Prince Harry. And given that they weren't married at the time, speaking to any sort of press about the private life of a royal -- not good. 

  • She's a Hugger

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    At several public events, Meghan has been spotted hugging people rather than simply shaking their hands. If the royal family doesn't want her holding the hand of her own husband, then we can't imagine what they think of the duchess hugging a complete stranger. 

    So shocking.

  • Her American Greeting

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    So, instead of saying, "How do you do," Meghan greeted people at the Queen's Young Leaders Awards with the ever-so-American phrase, "Pleased to meet you." And this apparently is the royal equivalent of screaming profanities in public. 

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