All the Times Meghan Markle Has Been Called Out for Making a Royal Mistake

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Meghan Markle
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Although she's been hanging with royalty for a long now, Meghan Markle has only been officially royal for just a few weeks -- and learning the ropes of all the protocols and traditions is tough. So we can't blame her for a having a few slip-ups, right? Not at all. The pressure of pleasing a new family and dealing with the intense spotlight shining on her and her new husband Prince Harry must be tremendous, so if the worst thing Meghan is doing is accidentally crossing her legs, then we think she's doing okay. She's still new at this! We can't expect her to be doing a perfect curtsy and nailing every public appearance right off the bat. 


She's still in the learning curve stage of being a royal, and that's totally OK. She has Prince Harry and the rest of her new family to help her along the way, and they've already been very welcoming and understanding when it comes to teaching Meghan all of the rules. Plus, we know she'll get the hang of it eventually. Just look at Kate Middleton. She didn't start her royal career with perfection either, so it'll just take Meghan a little time to get used to everything. 

Here are all of Meghan's royal faux-pas that she's made so far. Even duchesses can't get it right all of the time! She's only human, after all. 

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