Anna Duggar's Daughter Mackynzie Is Turning Into Her Little Mini-Me

Mackynzie Duggar, Mason Duggar

Anna Duggar's firstborn is growing up fast -- and looking more and more like her mama every day! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just shared a photo on Instagram of all their grandchildren, and people couldn't stop commenting on how much Mackynzie Duggar favors Anna

  • The Duggar grandparents posted a photo of all 11 of their grandkids, from 8-year-old Mackenzie down to 1-month-old newborn Garrett.

    Can we pause for a second to appreciate that Jessa (Duggar) Seewald had to hide behind the kids to try and keep 1-year-old Henry from flopping over and/or running away? God bless it. 

    But we seriously could not stop staring at Mackynzie, seated next to Jim Bob, and holding her baby brother Mason. She is completely Anna's little clone!

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  • We're not the only ones who noticed, either.

    Comment after comment rolled in about how much the eldest Duggar grandkid looks like her mommy. "Wow Mackenzie looks just like Anna," added one fan, and another chimed in, "Gosh McKenzie is Anna's clone!!"

    Is it wrong to be happy that Mackynzie looks like her gorgeous mommy, instead of her wayward father? Because if it is, we don't want to be right. Just saying. 

  • We seriously can't believe how big this little girl has gotten already.

    As the eldest Duggar grandchild, she even has one aunt who is younger than her. Josh's youngest sister Josie was born two months after Mackenzie, making her Mack's aunt while she was still in the womb. 

  • We just hope that Mackynzie (and the rest of Josh and Anna's kids, for that matter) take after their mom in more than looks.

    After all, Josh has a slew of problems that we really hope he didn't pass on to any of his kids. The worst thing we could possibly say about Anna is that she she's too forgiving, trusting, and kind, since she stayed with her husband even after he completely betrayed her

    We're glad that Mackynzie seems to be taking after her beautiful mom.