The 15 Wild Highs & Lows of Mama June & Sugar Bear's Relationship

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mama june and sugar bear
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Fans have gotten to know Mama June Shannon and her family over the years on various reality shows -- including Toddlers & Tiaras, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Marriage Boot Camp, and most recently, Mama June: From Not to Hot. Getting to know Mama June means seeing the insane ups and downs of her relationship with her ex, Mike Thompson, a.k.a. Sugar Bear. To say that the couple has had some rough times would be an understatement. From quickly falling for each other and having a daughter together, to a kind-of-sort-of wedding ceremony,  separation, and an ugly custody battle, fans never know what is going to go down next in this family.


Though many of us miss the days of their 2013 camouflage print ceremony, things have drastically changed since then. Sugar Bear is now remarried, and Mama June has a boyfriend. Still, a lot of intense arguments have kept these two in a not-so-friendly place -- but that's not stopping fans and nosy folk alike from taking a walk down memory lane. (All families have their struggles ... they just aren't plastered for all to see on national television!)

Here are 15 of the insane ups and downs of Mama June and Sugar Bear's relationship.

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