New Update About Abby Lee Miller Amid Her Cancer Battle Sparks Controversy

Abby Lee Miller
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Since a new photo of Abby Lee Miller looking "unrecognizable" recently surfaced, a number of folks have been concerned about the former Dance Moms reality star and her battle with cancer. Welp, it seems emergency surgery and treatments won't keep her down as news broke Abby Lee Miller is returning to Dance Moms that's raising a number of questions.

  • Abby Lee Miller is heading back to Dance Moms for season eight and reportedly "is already leading casting development."

    Entertainment Tonight reports the former reality star will make her comeback during the upcoming season and is currently scouting for new talent at her Abby Lee Dance Company.

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  • This comes weeks after the reality star's second emergency surgery.

    Abby Lee Miller is battling Burkitt lymphoma, a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. "People who have been diagnosed with this have a good prognosis," Dr. Melamed, Abby Lee Miller's physician, once exclusively told Entertainment Tonight about her cancer prognosis. "She will need another surgery in her spine but she has a lot more movement in her arms, legs and toes."

    Abby Lee's cancer revelation came shortly after she was released from prison after pleading guilty last year to felony bankruptcy fraud.

  • And it's raising questions.

  • Abby's return has a number of people confused.

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    The reaction surrounding this news is all over the place.

  • Some can't help feel this was all some publicity stunt.

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    Yes, a celebrity with cancer is somehow faking it for the sake of a TV show ...

  • And aren't looking forward to her return based on how she treated kids in the past.

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  • Others, however, do want to see Abby on the small screen again and are here for it.

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    It could be one of the greatest celebrity comebacks.

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  • Is it really wrong for Abby to want to get back to business as usual?

    Assuming her doctors give her the green light, can people battling cancer not work?

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