Kylie Jenner Faces Criticism for Piercing Stormi's Ears

Kylie Jenner

Cue the controversy! Kylie Jenner just revealed her 5-month-old daughter's pierced ears, and while we think Stormi looks cute as a button with little studs in her lobes, some people are seriously freaking out about it. 

  • Kylie Snapchatted a short video of her kissing her 5-month-old daughter, but it was the sparklies in the baby's earlobes that we noticed first!

    THIS IS SO CUTE 7/11/18

    A post shared by Kylie Jenner (@kyliesnapchat) on

    Aside from the cute little earrings, we're just thrilled to see Stormi again, after Kylie put her on a social media hiatus due to privacy concerns for awhile. Stormi is back, and we are so here for it!.

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  • She shared another sweet photo of Stormi sleeping on her chest, and we can clearly see the ear studs.

    Cute, right? A lot of people commented on how sweet and adorable it was, but you know that others were going to hate. This is the Internet, after all, land of faceless insults and keyboard warriors who feel the need to cruelly critic every other person in existence. 

  • Apparently some people have never heard of a baby getting her ears pierced.

    Yes, because pierced ears and tattoos are exactly the same thing. We're not even really sure what to do with this comparison, because if people think these are the same things, we can't help them. 

    Still, this person wasn't the only person bringing up tattoos. Someone else added, "Why is it acceptable for babies ears to be pierced, you would get social services on to you if you tattooed, pierced your kids eye brows, lip, tongue, nose or bellybutton! Let your kid make up their own mind if they want their ears pierced or not, don’t dictate!."

  • Other people were just mean about it.

    Ugly?? OK, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for sure, but calling a baby ugly over having tiny sparklies in her earlobes? This person clearly needs to take a chill pill. 

    Thankfully, more people came to Kylie's defense over Stormi's ears than criticized her for it. Especially people from cultures where baby ear-piercing is not just normal, but expected. "Stop right there. Latino parents have been piercing their babies ears from month 1 so this isn't shocking this isn't news. Just a ploy to make her look bad," pointed out one person, and we don't think they're wrong. 

  • We're sure Kylie is over in Calabasas biting her nails over what people on the Internet think of her baby's pierced ears. 

    Or you know, maybe she's busy running her $900 million cosmetics company, taking care of her baby daughter, and just generally plotting her world takeover.