Prince Harry's Joke About Prince Charles Is Straight-Up Cold

prince harry
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Boom! On Tuesday, at a garden party at the British Ambassador's home in Ireland, Prince Harry joked about his dad, Prince Charles. And while we're sure the quip was all in good fun, we're kind of wondering how Charles took the comment. Harry was kind of a savage. 

  • During a speech, Harry said that the Irish prime minister "showed my father around his home city of Cork just a couple of weeks ago." 

    prince harry
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    But then he added: "So we are very grateful for you for joining us here this evening as well. And also very nice to know he didn’t bore you senseless."

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  • That's cold, Harry!

  • Showing a different side, though, Harry was sure to give a shout out to his new wife, Meghan Markle. 

    "We’re so pleased to be here, for our first official international visit together as a married couple, and we hope it will be the first of many," Harry said.

    Make no mistake about it, people: Harry and Meghan are couple goals. Not only do we love how candid and down to earth they both are, we can't get enough of their affection for one another. Seriously, how many members of the royal family hold hands in public, nevertheless gush about their partner during a speech? So cute!

  • Forever the jokester, Harry also poked fun at himself during the quick 2-day tour. 

    After an adoring fan gave him a sketch of his and Meghan's engagement portraits, he made a crack at his hair on the drawing. "You’ve given me more hair," he joked to the well-wisher. 

    Harry has always been a jokester, but now that he's taking on more royal responsibilities, we're getting to see more of his cheeky side -- and we love it. 

  • We always love it when Prince William and Kate Middleton go on tour, but we're not gonna lie: We can get used to this Harry and Meghan business.

    meghan markle
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    Of course, it's always adorable seeing Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and now Prince Louis, but there's something about Harry and Meghan we just connect with. 

    Bring on the royal tours for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! And hey, if we're ever really lucky, maybe the fab four will go on a royal tour together. Now that would be something.