Kate Middleton Has More Influence in the Royal Family Than We Knew

kate middleton
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In public, Kate Middleton seems fairly low-key. Though strong, smart, and well-spoken, the duchess never seems over-the-top at royal engagements, instead being more of a soft-spoken empathetic listener. Apparently behind closed doors though, Kate is the ring leader of the royal family

We like where this is going. 

  • Royal biographer Ingrid Seward of 'Majesty' magazine recently spilled the tea on the Duchess of Cambridge. 

    kate middleton
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    “Kate is hugely dutiful, but she is quite strong and leading the way behind the scenes,” Seward notes. “She is like her mom [Carole Middleton] in that sense.”

    We can totally see that. It's widely-known that, when it comes to raising her kids, Kate is doing things the way she wants, and not following royal traditions. Both Kate and William are incredibly hands-on parents, which hasn't necessarily always been the norm for royals. 

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  • Additionally, another royal source notes that the super-intimate vibe of Prince Louis's christening was all Kate's doing. 

    “I’m sure this is all Catherine’s influence,” the insider reveals. “I’m sure she is leading on building all the family relations.”

    If that's the case, hats off to her. From the cozy, low-key ambience to Prince George and Princess Charlotte's impeccable manners, Prince Louis's christening was absolutely perfect. And even though we'd love to see more photos from the special day, we totally respect how it was kept a family affair. 

  • Good call, Kate. 

  • Even though she doesn't come from royalty, Kate Middleton is definitely shaping the future of the royal family. 

    kate middleton
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    Actually, it's probably Kate's down-to-earth roots that are helping guide the Cambridges and how George, Charlotte, and Louis will come into their own. 

    Also, when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry eventually have children, they'll surely be influenced by how Kate and William have taken on parenthood -- and that's certainly a good thing. 

  • Without a doubt, Princess Diana would be proud of William and love the fact that Kate Middleton is part of the royal family. 

    princess diana
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    Just as she paved the way for so many aspects of British royalty, Kate, with her own spin, is doing the same. 

    And that's a beautiful thing. 

  • Long may you reign, girl. 

    Even if it is behind closed doors.