15 Times the Kardashians Were Totally Relatable

Madison Breaux | Jul 12, 2018 Celebrities
15 Times the Kardashians Were Totally Relatable

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It's pretty hard to comprehend the life of luxury and opulence the Kardashians live, and it's even harder to imagine these sister ever being on the same level as us normal folk. But believe it or not, sometimes the Kardashian ladies can prove that they are normal people. Whether it's something as simple as loving fast food or a more serious issue, like making the right decision for their children, the Kardashian women can, from time to time, show that they are indeed mortal humans just like the rest of us. These moments don't come often, so when they do, we need to be sure we do our best to appreciate them. 

Each Kar-Jenner sister has her own hints of normalcy every now and again -- but some more than others. But now that all but one Kardashian sister (we're looking at you Kendall) isn't a mom, we have a feeing we'll be blessed with even more relatable moments from this famous family. And it's a good thing too, because it's hard to think that the family could live anything but this untouchable reality. But at the end of the day, it's good to be reminded that we are all normal humans.

So, here are 15 times that the Kardashians were actually relatable. Some of these may be hard to believe, and some may have you thinking "Yup, same." Enjoy. 

  • Khloe on Her Post-Pregnancy Body


    Getting back in shape post-baby is tough, as any mom will tell you. And Khloe wants to make sure that there are absolutely no smoke and mirrors revolving around her own post-pregnancy journey. She was quick to dispel any rumors that she was back to her old body when half-sister Kendall Jenner posted a picture of KoKo in a teeny-tiny yellow bikini. She wanted everyone to know that it's all about the angles. 

    Khloe's clearly not trying to fool anyone!

  • Anytime They've Gushed About Their Kiddos


    What mom doesn't love to boast about her kiddos! Thanks to social media, we get to catch tiny glimpses of the Kardashian kids and babies growing up. And these famous sisters jump at any opportunity to show off their love for their children. 

  • Kendall Jenner on Her Skin

    Kendall Jenner
    Splash News

    OK, let's face it. We ALL suffer from acne every once in a while -- even models. Kendall had some visible pimples popping up during the 2018 Golden Globes, and one fan applauded her for still strutting her stuff. Kendall replied, "never let that sh*t stop you!"

  • When Kendall Clapped Back at Pregnancy Rumors


    In October 2017, people started speculating on whether Kendall Jenner was pregnant, and her response was pure gold. Let this girl eat her bagels, OK?!

  • Khloe on Breastfeeding


    Like any mom, Khloe had to make the tough decision on whether or not breastfeeding is right for her and for her baby. When she ultimately decided to stop breastfeeding True, she said she felt "relief," and for a lot of moms, this is the case as well!

  • This Family Photo


    Getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible. We'll give you credit for trying though, Kim. 

  • Khloe on Her Labor With True


    Khloe also wasn't shy about spilling all the details involving baby True's labor and delivery. The Kardashian sister called her labor "amazing," all thanks to her active and healthy lifestyle. Whether or not Khloe found the ultimate secret to great labor, we know moms everywhere appreciate her candor about the subject. 

  • Khloe on Going Back to Work


    Unfortunately, every maternity leave must come to an end -- and moms everywhere stress about having to leave their babies all day. And Khloe Kardashian is no exception. Twelve weeks after the birth of her baby girl True, Khloe had to go back to work and felt "very anxious" about it. 

  • The Self-Control We Should All Aspire To


    Just the smell Cinnabon can crack even the strongest among us. Good job, Kim.

  • Khloe and Tristan Pulling Up to McDonald's

    Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson
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    Sometimes you need a good 'ol McDonald's french fry. Even amid all of their relationship drama, Khloe and Tristan found the time to pay the trusty fast food chain a visit. And honestly, same. 

  • Kylie Jenner on Her Pregnancy Body


    Back when she was still pregnant with Stormi, Kylie was reportedly self-conscious about her body -- and what new mom-to-be isn't! There are so many changes that your body goes through when you're pregnant, so it was completely natural for the young mom to feel a little weird about it.

  • When Kim Had to Preemptively Shut Down Haters


    Being a mom that lives an extremely public life like Kim, you have to watch out for those parent trollers. Kudos to Mama K for knowing how to deal with the scrutiny. 

  • When North Got Into Kim's Makeup


    North Glam 😍😂💗 @kimkardashian #kimkardashian

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    Little girls are a handful -- especially when there are Kardashian genes in the mix. Can we really blame little North for being naturally drawn to her mom's glorious collection of makeup? Nope!!

  • When Kylie Put Her Daughter's Safety First


    Just a few months after the birth of her daughter Stormi, Kylie decided to remove all photos showing her baby's face from her Instagram. Naturally, fans were quick to wonder why. But with the whole world watching Kylie's every move, we totally get that she would want to shield her new baby from any sort of scrutiny. 

  • And Finally ... This Gem of a Comeback


    Cheers to you too, Kris. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

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