Prince William Caught on Video Trying Not to Burst Into a Fit of Laughter

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Sometimes you just gotta let it out. Part of being royalty means you have plenty of photographers on you at all times, so when something funny happens, it's best to try and hold it in. But it looks like Prince William wasn't quite able to do that. At the RAF Centenary Service, the Duke of Cambridge wasn't able to contain his laughter, and Kate was so over it. 

  • And what made His Royal Highness break character? 

    Kate Middleton Prince William
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    Well, it all started when Prince Edward gestured at someone to get on their knees in Westminster Abbey. Prince William saw the moment and nearly lost it in the middle of the service. 

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  • Kate, however, remained calm and collected the entire time -- even after catching her husband giggling. 

    William looks like he's about to burst. We especially love that little lip touch he does to stop himself from laughing any harder. 

    Very smooth, Will. 

  • The duchess reportedly also cracked a smile, but the camera panned to Meghan and Harry before it could catch full-on laughter from the couple.

    Kate Middleton Prince William Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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    These two have had a busy year so far, so they deserve to have a little fun, don't you think?

  • The royals are usually so prim and proper that we love any chance we get to see them break out of their public appearance mode. 

    Remember when Prince William couldn't help but fall asleep in church? Yeah, we do too. He had just welcomed his third child, Prince Louis, so we're going to give him a break on that one. 

  • Well, at least we know we can always count on William to provide a little comic relief -- whether his wife approves or not.

    Keep on giggling, William.