Kate Middleton Caught Cracking a Classic Mom Joke at Prince Louis's Christening

kate middleton

Kate Middleton. She's just like us. Well, not really, but at Prince Louis's christening on Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge made a comment every mom can relate to. When Kate arrived at the christening with a sleeping Prince Louis in her arms, the Archbishop Justin Welby commented on how peaceful he looked. Kate, veteran mom that she is, quickly replied, "Let's hope he stays that way."

Oh, Kate. We feel you. 

  • Prince Louis couldn't have possibly looked more sweet and angelic as the Cambridges all arrived at the christening. 

    Kate, as always, was the picture of elegance and grace as she carried her beautiful son into his ceremony. Meanwhile, Prince William manned Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who were both on their absolute best behavior. (We're sure this was a relief to mom and dad, but we could never deny the fact that cheeky Prince George peering into Princess Charlotte's pram at her baptism is one of our all time favorite royal moments.)

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  • Look at how sweet this little face is! What a doll!

    And man, Kate looks over the moon. What a special day for the royal family. At one point, the proud mom of three even said Louis "reminds me so much of George." (Which, um, yeah.)

    But poor little Louis. Dude completely missed out on his own party!

  • Whether she's making a stereotypical "mom joke," dealing with a tantrum, or playing with her kids in the grass, Kate Middleton is always super relatable. 

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    It's been so sweet to watch her grow more confident and sure of herself as a mother in the past few years. Also, it's so refreshing to see how hands-on both she and Prince William are with their children -- and how candid they are about parenthood

    They're royals, yes, but first and foremost, they're parents. 

  • Prince Louis's christening is the first time we've seen all five Cambridges together at the same time. And we can't deny it: It was #familygoals.

    In the years to come, we'll have many more opportunities to see the whole family together, being their adorable selves -- and more opportunities to catch a glimpse of Louis being a mischievous toddler, as opposed to a peacefully sleeping baby. 

    But for Kate's sake, let's hope Louis has at least another year of sleeping wherever, whenever. Because three kids is a lot to handle. Even for the duchess.