Princess Charlotte Acts Completely Out of Character at Prince Louis's Christening

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Princess Charlotte
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We know we're not supposed to play favorites, but we can't help but adore Prince William and Kate Middleton's middle child. Princess Charlotte may only be three years old, but she's become quite the little scene-stealer already, which is why we were a little bit baffled at her out-of-character behavior at her baby brother's christening on Monday. 

  • Kensington Palace released this super sweet video of the royals at Prince Louis's christening, but we couldn't rip our eyes off Charlotte.

    While she's just as cute as ever, we couldn't help but notice that her little hand seemed absolutely glued to her dress. Considering that her little wave has become almost as famous as she is herself, we admit to being somewhat disappointed that we didn't get another mini royal wave. 

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  • After all, she's pretty much stolen the show on multiple occasions this year.

    Like her uncle Harry's wedding with Meghan Markle. She was one of several tiny bridesmaids, bit all eyes were definitely on her. 

  • She also took center stage when Prince William brought her and Prince George to meet their new baby sibling at the hospital in April. 

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte
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    Although Prince George did manage to steal the spotlight back with that infamous head flick just before the hospital doors closed behind the royal family. 

  • Char even upstaged Queen Elizabeth at the Trooping the Color last month.

    Sure she was looking to her great-grandma for guidance and copying her, but she definitely ended up being the one to watch on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

  • We're not sure what was going on with Char on Louis's big day, but it definitely looked like she was making a real effort not to raise her little hand in the air.

    Maybe she was warned not to steal the spotlight away from her little brother? Maybe she is growing up too fast and thinks adorable waving is just for babies? Hopefully this was just a fluke occurrence, because we don't want to live in a world without Princess Charlotte's sweet little waves to her adoring public.