15 People the Kardashians Have Viciously Shaded

Madison Breaux | Jul 9, 2018 Celebrities
15 People the Kardashians Have Viciously Shaded
Image: kimkardashian/Instagram

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We all know the Kardashians loooove to throw some shade, and at this point, they are pretty much experts at it. Whether it's over Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or in person, these LA ladies aren't afraid to tell someone how they really feel. And with lives as public as theirs are, there's bound to be a fair share of drama surrounding them -- sometimes caused by the Kardashian sisters themselves. We'll be honest, it's a lot to keep up with. 

But that's why we love them, right? Besides keeping things interesting, it's so fun to watch all of the drama and attention these ladies can attract. For a family with so many friends and, not to mention, fans, they sure do make a lot of enemies. But we guess that's the price to pay for a Kardashian-level of fame

In the last couple of years, it seems like the Kardashian rates of shade have increased exponentially. And for every time the sisters are shaded, they bounce back with five times the amount of shade. It's just the Kardashian way. We can assume that the sisters love being in the middle of the drama, but throwing shade must also be a way for them to cope with their insanely public lives. And we can't blame them for that, can we?

So, enjoy 15 celebrities that the Kardashian sisters have viciously shaded. Be careful, because no one is safe.  

  • Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey
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    Only Kim could shade the shade placed on her. After some of the Kardashians appeared on Family Feud, Steve Harvey made a comment that Kim didn't know anything -- and Kim wasn't having it. The Kardashian sister went on Ellen and set the record straight by saying, "I don't think I got one answer and it was a legitimate answer. I feel like the more I talk about it I get so angry."

    No need to get heated, Kim. It's just a family game show. 

  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift
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    Oh lord, this is something. We all remember when Kanye made THAT music video, featuring a nude Taylor Swift along with a number of other celebrities (just the sort of thing Kanye supporters like to call "art"). Then there was the debate of whether or not Taylor was aware of the lyrics in Kanye's song "Famous." Long story short, there's a lot of drama and beef between T-Swift, Kim, and Kanye. Snake emojis were involved. It got nasty. 

  • Blac Chyna 

    Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna

    The Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna drama seemed like it was never-ending. And even though the fire had seemed to cool down, Rob posted this photo with the caption, "Taking out the Trash." Classy, Rob. 

  • Tristan Thompson

    Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson
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    Anyone involved with the Kardashians should learn to not fuel the fire. Khloe's sisters (particularly Kim K) have not been shy about how they feel about Tristan and his all-too-recent affairs with multiple women. This drama-packed scenario is still developing, so things should get even more interesting in time. 

  • Rob Kardashian 

    Rob Kardashian

    Well, there's nothing a Kardashian can do better than shade one of their own. Most of the shade surrounding Rob revolved arond the drama with Blac Chyna, which they called "super frustrating." 

  • Beyonce and Jay Z

    Beyonce Jay Z
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    With Kanye and Jay Z, there's bound to be some (not so) friendly competition, and this naturally extends to the wives as well. Reports of Queen Bey and Kim ignoring each other at public events have come up multiple times, and there was even rumored shade thrown at Kim by Beyonce in her new song "Top Off." 

  • Scott Disick

    Scott Disick
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    Oh, Scott. There are just way too many things to mention that the Kardashians have shaded Scott for, but his most recent diss has been flaunting his new girlfriends in front of Kourtney (ex. Sofia Richie). 

  • Lamar Odom

    Khloe Kardashian
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    When there's a divorce, there's bound to be shade as well. And this time it comes from Kim. After Khloe and Lamar split, Kim K took to Twitter to let him know exactly where he stands. Lamar made a crack about Khloe being on her second or third basketball player, and Kim cracked back by saying "Or second or third brothel."


  • Caitlyn Jenner

    Caitlyn Jenner
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    In the last couple of years, the Kardashians have had a sticky relationship with Caitlyn Jenner. Kim has been recorded calling her a "liar" and "not a good person." There's certainly no gray area hiding in those comments. 

  • Bella Thorne

    Bella Thorne Scott Disick
    Splash News

    For a brief moment in Kardashian history, Scott Disick and Bella Thorne were ... involved? We aren't sure if there's an exact word for what happened between the two of them, but the sisters were certainly not happy about it. Kim, the queen of shade, said that the two of them looked "desperate" and called Scott "malicious" for what he was doing to Kourtney. 

  • Sofia Richie

    Sofia Richie Penelope Disick
    Splash News

    And continuing with Scott's recent girlfriends, his current relationship with 19-year-old (yes, she's still a teenager) Sofia Richie is causing all kinds of problems within the Kardashian family. Sofia has been spotted getting really close to Scott and Kourtney's kids, and while most of the shade being thrown is going toward Scott, Sofia isn't safe either. 

  • Kanye West


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    Back at it again with shading one of their own. This time, Khloe was seen listening to Taylor Swift's hit single "Delicate" in the background of her Snapchat story. And the real kicker? It was the same day Kanye's new album was released. Khloe might be showing her true thoughts on the whole Tay-Kim drama. 

  • Yves Saint Laurent


    Kim is always one to defend her husband, Kanye West, and this time to decided to attempt to take down legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent all because the set design looked a little familiar. Now Kim, I don't think your hubby has a copyright on reddish-orange lights hanging above a blank runway, but we think we see where you're coming from. 

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump
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    Even though Kim and Kanye seem to have some strange relationship with President Trump, that doesn't stop the other Kardashian sisters from taking shots at him. Both Kendall and Khloe weren't shy about publicly dissing the president. 

  • Basically Anyone Listed on a Blue Post-It Note


    This past Valentine's Day, Kim decided to send her valentines to her friends, and most importantly, her haters. And if you look closely at the names listed on blue sticky notes, you'll notice that it's pretty much all people she has some major beef with. This may be as petty and extra as it gets, but Kim is just making sure she keeps her friends close and her enemies closer. 

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