15 Times Kate Middleton Went Against Royal Tradition as a Mom

Madison Breaux | Mar 16, 2020 Celebrities
15 Times Kate Middleton Went Against Royal Tradition as a Mom
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Kate Middleton has been a renegade in many ways since joining the royal family in 2011. Who else could look that fabulous and wear high heels just hours after giving birth? Whether it be her college degree or her fashion choices, the Duchess of Cambridge has made it clear that she plans to remain her own person while still adhering to the royal conventions. But not with everything. As a mom, Kate has set rules and boundaries for herself and her kids, and sometimes that means breaking royal traditions.  Because royalty or not, a good mama is always going to do what is best for her kids.

Now, although she hasn't done anything super out there in terms of breaking royal protocol, Kate has opted to do things her way quite a few times. Ever since the birth of her first child, Prince George, the duchess has branded herself as a hands-on mom, which is not often the case when it comes to royal kids. 

The Duchess of Cambridge clearly prefers to do things herself and wants to be actively involved in her children's lives. And we have to applaud her for that. Being a member of the royal family, she has a myriad of options open to her allowing her to pass on the parenting to someone else -- but Kate doesn't do that. She handles every meltdown, tantrum, and fit that comes her way, and she handles them in heels and in the public eye. 

So, enjoy 15 times Kate broke all the rules by being the mom she wants to be, not the mom royal tradition tells her to be. 

  • Chasing After the Kiddos

    Kate Middleton
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    One wouldn't expect to see a duchess chasing after her kids in public. Kate doesn't seem to care though -- but then again, she never has when it comes to the opportunity to enjoy a nice day with her children. This is just one of many times that we'd see Kate running around and having a good time with her kids (even in a sundress) and it seems like something she truly enjoys doing.

  • Tending to Charlotte

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    At the Trooping the Colour, all eyes are on the royal family. But if Kate's baby girl is having a bad time, you best believe that the duchess is going to put her daughter first. It's easy to understand why Charlotte was getting cranky -- after all, it must have been hot out there, and there's only so much standing out on a balcony that one toddler can take. Luckily, her mom was ready to calm her down.

  • Maternity Leave

    Kate Middleton Prince Louis
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    Traditionally, royals are entitled to six months maternity leave if they wish, but of course, Kate Middleton has been stepping in and out of the spotlight ever since Prince Louis' birth in April 2018 -- and that includes making a public appearance the same day she gave birth to him. Props to Kate for pulling that one off, because most moms who'd just delivered a baby wouldn't want to leave the hospital bed, let alone greet a crowd in full hair and makeup.

  • Being the Family Photographer


    The royal family undoubtedly has a number of photographers on hand to document important moments, but Kate prefers to do it herself -- and after seeing the sweet way she manages to capture her family with her own creative eye, it's so easy to see why. Case in point: The way she took this adorable image of Princess Charlotte on her first day of school. This girl is all personality, and her mom knew how to get it out of her.

  • She's Not Afraid of Discipline 

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte
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    All parenting involves disciplining your kids at some point -- and a lot of times in public. And for Kate, that usually means those public moments also happen to be on camera, even during special family events. Here, Kate wasn't shy about telling little Charlotte to quiet down before sister Pippa's wedding started ... and this is hardly the only time that we've seen Kate lay down the law to one of her kids.

  • Handling the Meltdowns

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte
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    Toddlers are going to cry. It's inevitable. But rather than handing her daughter off to someone else to take care of, Kate dealt with Charlotte's breakdown herself, and as we know from the past, it's probably because she's a total pro. Look, traveling is hard -- traveling with young kids is even harder. But at this point, Kate knows exactly what to do when one of the kids starts melting down.

  • Nanny Reluctance

    Kate Middleton Prince William Princess Charlotte Prince George
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    Because Kate likes to do the parenting herself, she was reluctant to hire a nanny. But, like any mom, she needs a little help. And with her royally busy schedule, the duchess probably needs even more help, because it's not like she gets too many days off. It's OK, Kate -- most working parents have to use some kind of child care, so it's definitely not a reflection on her as a mother.

  • Meeting World Leaders in PJs 


    We couldn't imagine any other royal mum allowing an heir to throne to meet a world leader in his PJs. No matter how old he is! But we're sure glad that Kate allowed George to be himself in this moment, because it really made for some amazing photos. Just think of George looking back on these pics when he's older, seeing his tiny self in a robe as he chatted with US President Barack Obama.

  • She Does Most of the Mom Duties

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte Prince George
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    She may be a duchess and the future queen, but that doesn't stop Kate from taking her kids to birthday parties -- or attending school functions, or doing basically anything else that an involved mom would want to do. It's so sweet that she loves having that one-on-one time with her children, but why wouldn't she? She obviously loves Charlotte, George, and Louis so much, there's no denying that.

  • Showing Affection

    Kate Middleton Prince George
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    Now, we don't mean to say that the royals don't love their children, but we just don't typically see them showing their affection in public. Not Kate. The duchess has no problem holding her kids' hands when cameras are present, and it's really sweet to see. Regardless of what her royal expectations might be, Kate has never let it get in the way of her bond with all three of her children.

  • Arriving Late to Easter Service

    Kate Middleton Prince William
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    The queen hates when anyone in her family rolls up late to an event, but Kate and William had two kids to take care of at the time. Let's give them a break -- it's impossible to expect anyone, royal or not, to always be perfectly punctual when there are kids involved. Plus, Kate was just weeks away from giving birth to Prince Louis, so she gets an extra pregnancy pass for that one. Let the lady live!

  • Not Having Kids Right Away

    Kate Middleton Prince William
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    Royals typically like to have an heir as soon as possible, so they start having children within the first year of marriage. Will and Kate, however, waited about two years after they were married to start their family. It's hard to know exactly why this happened -- or if it was intentional -- but we do love that they had a little extra time in the beginning of their marriage to settle into their new lives together.

  • Keeping the Kids Outside of London

    Kate Middleton Prince William Princess Charlotte Prince George
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    While the Cambridges do have their own area in Kensington Palace, the family also have a place outside of London. They supposedly spend most of their downtime here, rather than living in the palace, which makes sense -- for them and their little branch of the family tree, it's likely a lot more comfortable and private there. Who doesn't want to be able to relax in the middle of all that royal pressure?

  • Dropping George Off at School

    Kate Middleton Prince William Prince George Princess Charlotte
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    Kate is just a regular mom like everyone else. She has been spotted dropping George off at his school during the week -- which isn't something you would expect a duchess to do -- and now that Charlotte has joined him, she's been seen taking both of them there in the morning. It seems like whatever bit of normalcy Kate can give them (and herself), she does, every single time. What a mom! 

  • Princess Charlotte's Schooling

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte
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    Kate and William decided to not send Princess Charlotte to an all girl's school when she was of age. And a good thing too, because her preschool is just a short walk from Kensington Palace, and later, she was able to join big brother Prince George at his school, too. We love that Kate and Will make their own decisions for what's best for their kids instead of following traditions that may not work for them.

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