Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Are Reportedly Making a Major Relationship Move

Scott Disick Sofia Richie
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Oookay, things are about to get interesting. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie's whirlwind, up-and-down relationship is reportedly being taken to the next level. Scott, 35, and Sofia, 19, have seemingly moved on from his cheating scandal that happened just one month ago, and have decided to kick things up a notch. Ladies and gents, these two are moving in together. 

  • Just four short weeks ago, Sofia ended their relationship for two whole days after images of Scott cheating on her surfaced.

    Scott Disick Sofia Richie
    Splash News

    But the two must have moved passed the issue and is now doing better than ever. 

    A source told Us Weekly, "Scott and Sofia are moving in together. She’ll move into his house."

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  • The two began their relationship in September of 2017, and quickly became something of a family unit. 

    Sofia has been spotted with Scott and Kourtney's three kids several times and is supposedly bonding really well with them. 

  • And what are Kourtney's thoughts during all of this? 

    Well, according the source, she is "unfazed." "She couldn’t be bothered by the drama. She just cares about the kids and that they’re OK with the situation, which they are.”

    As long as the kids are good, Kourt is good. 

  • We can't possibly imagine this being a healthy relationship, but they have survived the 16 year age difference and infidelity, so anything is possible.

    And we suppose this means moving in together. 

    We just hope Scott has really thought about how serious of a step this is for him to take in his relationship. With young kiddos in the picture, one can never be too careful.