New Pics of Josh Duhamel & His 17 Years Younger Girlfriend Called 'Gross'

Kamil Krzaczynski/REUTERS

Josh Duhamel
Kamil Krzaczynski/REUTERS

Things were hot south of the border -- and we're not talking about the heat! Josh Duhamel and his new girlfriend were caught heating up Mexico during a recent vacation that not only has heads turning, but folks talking. A number of people have more than a thing or two to say about the celeb single dad's new love -- specifically, that she's 17 years his junior. (Yeah, you already know where this is going.)

  • Josh and Eiza Gonzalez were all about the PDA during their weekend getaway to Mexico.

    Photogs caught 45-year-old actor and his 28-year-old love kissing it up during a boat excursion on the Muyil Lagoon.
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  • The couple look completely smitten with each other and happy in love.

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  • And apparently, have been enjoying each other's company for some time.

    While outlets note Eiza and Josh stepped out as a couple in June, "sources" from Eiza's camp say Josh has been "quietly dating" the actress for months. "He's really attracted to her and things are going pretty well," the unnamed insider told People. "Their relationship started out slowly, but lately, they are spending more time together."

    In fact, Josh and his younger girlfriend were reportedly linked together as far back as March that shows they likely have been coupled up together for some time.

  • But as happy as Josh and Eiza appear, the interwebs are still side-eyeing their 17 year age difference.

    Eiza Gonzalez and Josh Duhamel
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News; Jen Lowery / Splash News

    This wouldn't be the first celebrity couple with a huge age difference.

  • And have no problem sounding off.

  • A number of folks think this relationship is "gross."

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    The interwebs aren't mincing words with these comments.

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  • And think it looks like Josh is "kissing a child."


  • Others accuse Eiza of using Josh to gain more stardom.

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    Eiza has been romantically linked to a number of prominent individuals and celebs -- including 46-year-old Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Calvin Harris, and Liam Hemsworth.

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  • And still wonder if Josh cheated on Fergie with Eiza.

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    Though Fergie and Josh announced their split last September, after eight years of marriage, a number of people can't help but wonder if Josh and Eiza were secretly seeing each other as the hot Hollywood actor seemingly jumped back into the relationship saddle rather quickly.

    (It is, however, worth a note that Josh and Fergie's split happened months before their public announcement.)

  • Yeah, we're gonna leave that one alone.

  • Regardless of what anyone thinks, one thing is quite clear: These two are enjoying their lives and are unbothered by the shade.

    Feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can take that away from you ❤️

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    Live and let live.