Kourntey Kardashian's Boyfriend Younes Bendjima Reportedly Has Issues With Her Kids

Kourtney Kardashian, Penelope, Mason, and Reign Disick

With any serious relationship involving kids, it's always possible for things to get a little tricky -- especially when Scott Disick is in the picture. Scott has been dating Sofia Richie off and on for some time now, and she has reportedly been getting along swimmingly with the kids he shares with Kourtney Kardashian. But what about Kourtney's boyfriend Younes Bendjima? Well, it looks like things aren't going as well for him. 

  • According to Hollywood Life, Younes is having a lot of trouble getting Kourtney's kids to feel comfortable around him. 

    Naturally, Scott and Sofia's relationship has put a strain on things, so it's not so surprising that things aren't all well between the two parents.

    A source told Hollywood Life, "A quiet, subtle battle is brewing over the affection of Kourtney and Scott’s kids. Both Younes and Sofia, are doing everything they can to be the cooler figure to the kids. Younes is struggling to be seen as nice, fun and accepted by Kourtney’s kids while Sofia already has him beat."

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  • The source also reported that Scott is doing his best to make sure that Sofia spends more time with the kids than Younes does.

    Very sneaky, Scott. But when it comes to the happiness of his kids, Scott really shouldn't be focusing all his energy on trying to one-up Kourtney and her beau. 

  • We've seen Sofie out several times with Scott and the kids before, and they've all seemed really happy to be spending time together.

    But, it's still weird. The source added, "Having fun with the kids comes naturally to Sofia, she loves holding the kids and playing with them, but Younes is struggling a bit more."

    Well, Sofia is only 19-years-old, so it makes sense that she'd feel more natural hanging out with Scott's children

  • And let's not forget that Scott was apparently 'furious' that Kourtney allowed Younes to meet their kids. 

    Scott takes little Mason, Penelope, and Reign out to vacations with his teenager girl whom he's cheated on, but doesn't want Kourtney's stable boyfriend simply meeting them. 

    Seems totally fair. 

  • The kids may like Sofia more right now, but we really hope that Younes is able to make some sort of special bond with the little ones. 

    Younes and Kourtney appear to be extremely happy in their relationship otherwise, and we'd love to see that kind of link between him and the kiddos.