Meghan Markle's Dad Makes Another Seriously Low Move by Going After Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle
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Oh boy. Get ready, because there's more Markle family drama coming your way. Meghan's dad, Thomas Markle, is reportedly very upset that Queen Elizabeth met with President Donald Trump before agreeing to meet with him. Um, what??

  • The 73-year-old father recently had an interview with TMZ, and things got ... interesting. 

    Thomas Markle
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    “If the queen is willing to meet our arrogant and insensitive president, she has no excuse not to meet me,” said Thomas. “I’m nowhere near as bad.”

    Oh wow. 

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  • Any father would want to get to know his daughter's new family, but come on. 

    Queen E is busy and has official business to take care of. And this means meeting with world leaders -- no matter how "arrogant and insensitive" they may be. 

  • Quite honestly, Meghan's father has done nothing but cause trouble since his daughter's wedding on May 19. And even before then as well. 

    He gave a tell-all interview with 'Good Morning Britain,' where he spilled all sorts of details about Meghan and Harry's relationship and the drama surrounding his not attending the wedding. 

    For a man that reportedly wanted nothing to do with the spotlight and attention, he sure has been making headlines quite often -- all at his own doing. 

  • He claims that the royal family has put him in the "penalty box" after that interview and reportedly hasn't spoken to his daughter since. 

    Meghan Markle
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    Poor Meghan. She has enough to deal with as she's trying to transition into her new royal life, but it seems like her family just won't leave her alone. 

  • Her dad isn't the only family member Meghan has to watch out for. 

    Meghan Markle
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    Her half-sister Samantha has been sending hateful messages via social media ever since Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement. And there are no signs of her stopping anytime soon. 

    Luckily, the duchess has her duke by her side to help her brave all of this family drama. And we can only hope that things eventually subside so Meghan can focus on enjoying her new life.