Duggar Fans Are Confused When Austin Forsyth Posts a Photo of a Mystery Baby

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

There are so many Duggar grandbabies these days that it's difficult to keep track sometimes, but fans are pretty with it when it comes to Jim Bob and Michelle's progeny. So when Austin Forsyth posted a photo of his brother-in-law Josiah Duggar with Gideon and a second mystery baby, fans were all sorts of confused. 

  • Austin shared this pic of Josiah with Gideon (right) and another random baby he called Duke (left).

    Joy-Anna Duggar's husband captioned it, "I know these guys will grow up to be best buds!!! Uncle Siah with Duke & Gideon! (They were born 2 days apart) After so many baby boys, were happy that @jingervuolo & @jeremy_vuolo are adding some more bows and frills to the fam!!"

    As far as we now, Josiah and his fiance Lauren Swanson haven't even kissed (even if they have canoodled a bit), so obviously Duke is not their baby. Josh and Anna Duggar have five, but they all have "M" names -- Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, and Mason. Then Jill and Derick have Israel and Sam, Jessa and Ben have Spurgeon and Henry ... Joseph and Kendra just had baby Garrett, but he was born a solid four months after Gideon, not two days apart. 

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  • Pretty much every commenter wanted to know who the mystery baby belonged to. 

  • All babies present and accounted for ... except Duke. 

  • Thankfully Austin hopped back into the comments to clear up the confusion and explain who Duke is. 

  • We knew Lauren came from a big family, but didn't know her parents were still having babies!

    She is the oldest of nine, with baby Duke bringing up the rear (for now at least?). Well, we guess she'll fit right in with the Duggar clan, but it will be interesting to see if she and Josiah try for their own little one right away, or if they take Jinger and Jeremy's approach and wait a little bit before getting pregnant. 

    At least the case of the mystery Duggar baby has been solved!