Is Meghan Markle Already Pregnant? The Evidence Speaks for Itself

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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Rumors of Meghan Markle being pregnant have been flying around since her and Prince Harry announced their engagement. However, there may be reasons to believe that she is already expecting. Call it wishful thinking if you may, but there could be a royal baby announcement coming sooner than we think. 

  • To start, there have been several "bump" sightings in the past couple of weeks that have raised suspicions. 

    Soon after photos of Meghan's first solo trip with the queen came out, comments started rolling in saying that a tiny "bump" was spotted peaking through her dress. Some came to Meghan's defense saying that she just had a big lunch -- but we're not completely convinced. 

    Especially since it seems that Meghan ditched her go-to fitted outfits after this even with the queen. 

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  • Continuing with her recent fashion choices, Meghan has worn two suspiciously loose-fitting dresses in the last week. 

    Meghan wore a loose Oscar de La Renta dress to Celia McCorquodale's wedding, and it immediately sparked a heated discussion. The dress cinched at her waist just barely -- perfect for covering up any bump that could be showing. 

    Now, given that this was a garden wedding, a flowy dress normally wouldn't turn any heads, but the style is very out of character for the Duchess of Sussex. We are used to seeing Meghan in super sleek and form-fitting outfits, so this could definitely mean that something is up. 

  • And just a few days later, the duchess wore another flowing dress with a small belt that sat high on her waist.

    Again... perfect for concealing a baby bump. 

    Two loosely-fitting dresses in one week? When it comes to royal babies, we don't believe in coincidences. 

  • Next, we have some designer repetition. 

    Meghan has worn several Givenchy dresses since her wedding to Prince Harry. Now, the duchess could be channeling her best Audrey Hepburn by repeatedly choosing the designer's dress... but we don't think that's the case. She has worn three white Givenchy dresses in the last month. Her wedding gown, the dress for her royal engagement with the queen, and her gown for her Royal Ascot debut -- all from the same french design house. 

    What does this mean, exactly? Well, if the duchess is in fact pregnant, her and Harry would want to tell as little people as possible. This would cause Meghan to have the same designer dressing her for most of her royal events. 

    The less people that know the happy news, the less of a chance there is of word getting out!

  • If you're not convinced yet, let her age be a persuading factor. 

    Meghan is already 36, and although we aren't in the business of rushing anyone to have kids, we think she'd want to start pretty quickly. 

    Her sister-in-law Kate is the same age and already a mother of three -- but no pressure, Meghan. 

  • Meghan has also expressed a strong desire to start a family soon, and by the looks of things, soon could mean now. 

    Meghan and Harry hinted at wanted to start the whole kid thing soon in their very first interview as a couple, so it wouldn't be too surprising if the couple got a quicker start than we expected. 

    Even Harry hasn't been shy about his wish to have kids with Meghan right away. If both parties are onboard to start a family, then there definitely wasn't anything stopping them. 

  • Unfortunately, we don't know anything for sure -- but that doesn't mean we can't hope. 

    We know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to make great parents, so can you blame us for anxiously waiting for some baby news?