Matt Roloff Might 'Get Rid' of the Farm If Amy Doesn't Start Accepting Caryn

Matt Roloff

Divorce can be a tough reality to navigate, especially if you happen to live 500 feet away from your ex. Little People, Big World fans have been watching Matt and Amy Roloff deal with their new normal (and new relationships) in front of cameras. It's been a tough road that could get a wee more difficult as Matt Roloff might push to sell the farm if Amy doesn't start accepting his girlfriend Caryn.

  • Matt and Amy have had some hiccups when it comes to their relationship after divorce. And now, it seems like Matt is ready to draw a line in the sand.

    Matt Roloff on Little People, Big World

    Matt and Amy divorced in summer 2016, with each starting new relationships. Amy and her boyfriend Chris Marek met and started dating that same year -- and have been going strong ever since. Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler, who worked on Roloff Farms for over a decade, began seeing each other last year.

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  • ".... We were talking about if Amy would sell out the farm, or should I build on the farm," Matt said on the show.

    "But the biggest thing is if I can build here and know that one day maybe I can convince you to move in with me and live on the farm," Matt Roloff told Caryn on the Little People, Big World season finale about possibly unloading the farm. "But if she's never going to accept, or that's never a possibility then we have to start getting rid of this farm."

    He continued on the June 19 episode:

    "I think Amy is still adjusting to the idea that I'm dating Caryn. I mean I think she puts on a good, brave face. But I still think she carries some insecurities."

  • Both Matt and Amy have hinted at possibly leaving the farm -- or selling it.

    "Matt has a plan and an idea where his future is going, and I don't," Amy once admitted on a show about moving off the farm.

    "Since the divorce, I'm looking at my house differently. I have to consider the possibility of needing to move off the farm. I want to be prepared if that day were to come.What kind of leads me to the thought of moving off the farm is that a major thing broke, and that was the marriage .... I'm not going to wait to see where Matt's life takes him. I want to do certain things that helps me decide what I want to do on my own, and not be impacted by what Matt does and does not do. I've got to run my own life now."

  • And with the Roloff patriarch looking to live with his girlfriend in the near future, who knows what's in store.

    Matt and Caryn are entertaining the idea of purchasing a home together in Arizona for the winter months.

  • One thing is quite clear: Roloff Farms isn't big enough for Matt and Amy.

    We're crossing our fingers these two can work what they need to out -- and not forget that Jeremy and Zach Roloff want to take over the farm. (Keep it in the family if you can!)