Prince William Reveals Princess Charlotte's Favorite Pastime & Now We Love Her Even More

Princess Charlotte Kate Middleton

It turns out our favorite little princess could be quite the bookworm! While awarding the Order of the Champion award to British author Lady Antonia Fraser, Prince William revealed that his only daughter, Princess Charlotte, loves hitting the books.  

  • According to Lady Antonia, the Duke of Cambridge commented on how his kids are "always reading."

    She added that Prince William was a "very sweet and charming." As if we didn't already know that the prince is ultimate dad goals. 

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  • Prince William himself was interested in history growing up, so it makes sense that he would want to pass on his love for knowledge to his children. 

    The prince also mentioned to Lady Antonia that his own father, Prince Charles, used to "scold" him as a boy for not reading enough history. 

    And while we are quite certain Prince William isn't scolding his children for the same reason, we are sure that he is encouraging them to expand their minds through books -- as any parent would. 

  • Now that we know little Charlotte loves sitting down with a good book, we can't help but wonder what she likes to read.

    It's hard to imagine the 3-year-old princess enjoying a history book like her father, but who knows, she is a royal after all. And because of that, Charlotte probably has any book she desires right at her fingertips. 

  • Princess Charlotte sure does love to have fun, so we are glad to hear that she can also relax and enjoy some literature. 

    She certainly is turning into a lovely, well-rounded little princess.