Jessa Duggar Called 'Neglectful' & 'Lazy' After Sharing a Photo of Henry's Head Injury

Spurgeon and Henry Seewald

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald knows the perils of having two little boys just 14 months apart, and that's going to include the occasional injury. Heck, anyone with a toddler knows they're bound to get hurt as they explore their world, but when you have two -- yeah. They're going to get more than their fair share of bumps and bruises. Jessa shared the story behind one of Henry's bumps on the noggin, but fans are seeing it as a cute story -- they're going after her for being a negligent mother. 

  • Jessa started with a photo of her 2-year-old son Spurgeon.

    She wrote, "This little guy ... He's a cutie alright, but don't let that fool ya! How can 2-year-olds be so cute and innocent, and yet such little stinkers at the same time?" The mom of two continued her story and said that she heard Henry, 16 months, whimpering earlier in the day. She explained that the boys had been fighting over a favorite firetruck earlier in the day, and she assumed they were at it again. But then Spurgeon was "lovingly helping little brother toward Mommy," telling her that "Henry hit head."

    She was moved by Spurgeon's loving care of his little brother, and assumed that Henry had had a toddler moment of clumsiness and had bumped his head. She also said that he was "perfectly content again" after a quick snuggle. 

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  • It wasn't until she was nursing her youngest later in the day that she noticed the unusual shape of Henry's injury. 

    She said, "I brushed his sweaty hair back from his forehead, and that's when I got a glimpse of this: little red marks in a perfect circle, with a line down the middle. Immediately, I thought 'Tail light.'"

  • She said as a "self-proclaimed" toddler psychologist, she was able to deduce what happened. 

    She said, "I explored the mind of my 2-year-old ... I bet ya $50 that [Henry] was trying to steal the fire truck from [Spurgeon], and [Spurgeon] took matters into his own hands and bonked [Henry] on the head to get him to relent. But when [Spurgeon] saw [Henry] visibly upset, [Spurgeon] felt bad about his choice to hit [Henry], and hence switched to consoling and comforting mode. And at this moment, I appeared on the scene. Seems to make perfect sense, right?"

    It makes total sense, and that bump looks exactly like that firetruck taillight. 

  • But of course, Jessa was immediately branded as a negligent mother for not being a helicopter parent. 

    In Jessa's story, there was no mention of her eating bon bons while her children cried in misery. For all we know, she was getting up to tend to them when Spurgeon came forward with Henry. And anyone who thinks a mom should never be more than three feet away from their kids has obviously never made dinner for her family, done a load of laundry, or any other of a million tasks that need doing on a daily basis to run a household. 

  • We're really glad that this commenters only gave birth to perfect children.

    Also, Henry is a toddler himself at 16 months -- not a helpless baby anymore. Of course Spurgeon is bigger and more coordinated than him, but we'd be willing to bet he's knocked his big brother over a time or two himself. 

  • And some people even thought Jessa and Ben are too cheap with their children's toys. 

    Again, have none of these people ever been around toddlers? They could have a million of those fire trucks, and the boys would still be able to identify the original truck and fight over it, completely ignoring the rest. Or they'd find one they liked better and fight over that one. It's the law of toddlers, after all. 

    People need to give Jessa a break for sharing a very real story of what it's like to mother toddlers. It's hard, it's frustrating, and someone is almost always getting hurt in some way or another. We just do our best, discipline when necessarily, and keep as vigilant an eye out as possible.