Jeremy Roloff's New Pic of Ember Has Fans Very Disturbed

Audrey Roloff, Ember Roloff, and Jeremy Roloff

When it comes to living under a microscope, the Roloffs pretty much take the cake. Little People, Big World fans are 100 percent invested in this reality family and don't want them "veering off script" when it comes to their expectations. Welp, Jeremy Roloff's cute Ember pic is turning lots of heads ... for the wrong reasons. Fans are quite disturbed and are calling the photo "creepy." (Yikes.)

  • To commemorate Ember being 9 months, Jeremy shared this adorable snap on the 'Gram.

    "9 months has come and gone. Do they just continue to get cuter?" Jeremy Roloff questions in his Instagram post. "How does one handle cute aggression ? Because let me tell ya, it’s a real thing! So honored I get to be her dad."

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  • Fans had a mixed reaction to the new dad's pic.

    Jeremy Roloff responds to Instagram critic who thinks Audrey Roloff never holds Ember

    Um, Audrey Roloff does hold her child.

  • And are freaked out by how Ember is being held.

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  • Seriously, folks think it's "creepy" to see the toddler being held by her crotch.

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    Lordt ... another Roloff family "controversy."

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  • And really think Jeremy should've considered Photoshopping it out before sharing it with the world.

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    Sheesh. How many Roloff's Instagrams are going to get them in trouble?

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  • Others, however, took to Jeremy's defense and feel critics need to calm all the way down.

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  • Can't we just appreciate a sweet moment without nitpicking?

    Seriously, these Roloffs can't live.