Queen Elizabeth Came to Meghan Markle's Aid After a Royal Protocol Slip-Up

meghan markle queen elizabeth

Still getting the hang of things. On Thursday, during Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth's first joint appearance together, Meghan was unsure about royal protocol at one point. Thankfully, though, the queen was able to ever-so-swiftly guide her in the right direction. That Queen Elizabeth, man. She is one slick royal. 

  • At one point during their outing in Cheshire, Meghan had a moment of confusion -- so she consulted the queen. 

    meghan markle
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    Unsure about who was supposed to enter a car first, the Duchess asked the queen: "What is your preference?" Queen Elizabeth quickly replied, "You go first." 

    "Oh OK," Meghan said back. 

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  • Meghan followed the queen's orders and none the wiser. 

  • Thursday wasn't the first time Meghan showed her lack of royal knowledge. 

    meghan markle trooping the color
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    At Trooping the Color last week, the newly-minted Duchess was caught asking Prince Harry to tell her when she should curtsy to the queen. While everyone was on the balcony, Meghan was seen saying "say when" to Harry, to which he replied "now," making sure she was in time with the rest of the family.

  • Harry was also sure to check on Meghan a few points during the celebration. 

    meghan markle
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    According to a lipreader, Harry turned to Meghan and asked, "OK?" at one point, to which she replied, "Yeah, are you?" 

    At another point, Meghan admitted that she was "nervous," and Harry checked on her a few more times. Adorable.

  • Just as it took Kate Middleton some getting used to, Meghan will get the hang of the royal thing in no time.

    meghan markle
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    And until then, lucky for her, she has some seriously excellent mentors.