Queen Elizabeth Gave Meghan Markle the Sweetest Gift During Their First Solo Trip

Euan Cherry-Wenn/Reuters

Meghan Markle
Euan Cherry-Wenn/Reuters

Solo outings with the queen must be pretty nerve-wracking, but Meghan Markle's seems to be going extremely well -- just as we expected. Not only did the two look completely comfortable (and friendly!) sitting next to each other, but apparently, the monarch gave Meghan a very special gift to mark the occasion.  

  • The Queen gave Meghan a pair of pearl and diamond drop earrings -- and no surprise, they're beautiful.

    Queen Elizabeth also has a slightly larger pair of similar earrings that she wears frequently, so the fact that she wants to be twinning with Meghan seems like a good sign. 

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  • Meghan wore the earrings during her first official engagement with the Queen, and they looked absolutely amazing on her. 

    It's pretty clear that Queen Elizabeth has great taste. 

  • The two traveled to Cheshire, where they attended the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge and Chester's Storyhouse Theatre.

    Sounds like a busy day, but there were absolutely no signs of stress coming from the Duchess of Sussex and the queen. The two royals were seen laughing and smiling with each other like they've been best friends for years.

    Any way we could get into this friend group?

  • The sweet gift and the solo trip must mean that the queen is wholeheartedly welcoming Meghan into the family -- and we couldn't be happier. 

    It's so nice to see Meghan fitting in so well with the royals, and we are more than excited to watch the relationship between the new duchess and the queen grow.

    And by the looks of it, we think more earrings could be in Meghan's future.