Meghan Markle Sparks Pregnancy Rumors During Her First Solo Outing With Queen Elizabeth

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meghan markle
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You know you've made it when you have solo outings with the queen. On Thursday, Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth embarked on their first outing together. The duo appeared together in Cheshire for a day of royal engagements, and from where we're sitting, the ladies look thick as thieves. 

  • Meghan looked absolutely stunning for the occasion with her sleek hair and structured dress.

    In addition to ditching her go-to messy bun, the Duchess of Sussex rocked pantyhose for the occasion instead of her usual bare legs. How royal!

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  • Shortly after Kensington Palace posted the shot to Instagram, though, comments about Meghan being pregnant started rolling in. 

    Like, what? How does this woman look pregnant?!

  • Here's another commenter who spied a possible baby bump. 

    Clearly people are very excited about Meghan and Harry's future royal offspring!

  • Another royal "fan" got all defensive when people attacked her for saying Meghan had a "big lunch."

    Are we all looking at the same photo here?! 

  • Utter ridiculousness aside, Meghan looked perfectly comfortable on her outing with the Queen and even adopted the "Duchess Slant." 

    meghan markle
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    For those unaware of what the Duchess Slant is, it's basically the Kate Middleton way of sitting -- knees and ankles together and legs slanted to the side. 

  • Case in point:

    kate middleton
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    Wonder if Kate had a duchess-to-duchess chat with Meghan on how to do it.

  • Meghan is obviously adopting to royal life beautifully and we love what she's bringing sartorially to the palace. 

    meghan markle
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    And pregnant? Pshhaw. People, please.