Prince George's Mischievous Cousin Caught Pushing Him Down a Hill

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips
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The royal kids officially stole the show last Sunday at the Beaufort Polo Club! A gaggle of Queen Elizabeth's great-grandchildren were gathered on the sidelines to watch Prince William (and others) play polo, but we couldn't keep our eyes off the kids. Especially this footage of Savannah Phillips pushing her cousin Prince George down a grassy slope. 

  • The 7-year-old granddaughter of Princess Anne was caught on camera knocking her younger cousin down the hill. 

    Obviously George is fine, but man, that girl is cheeky! She's definitely making her place as Queen Liz's eldest great-grandchild known, even if she is a few places down from him in line for the thrown (George is third, Savannah is 15th).

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  • She even smacked him upside the head right in front of Kate Middleton!

    Savannah Phillips, Kate Middleton, Prince George
    Splash News

    We're not sure how the mom of three handled this situation, but knowing her penchant for tough love, we have no doubt that it was handled. 

  • The incident came just a day after Savannah was photographed clapping her hand over Prince George's mouth at Trooping the Color.

    Yup, the same Trooping the Color where Princess Charlotte took a bit of a spill. When she happened to be standing next to her cousin Savannah. We're not saying she tripped her younger cousin ... we're just saying that we'll be keeping a close eye on the eldest daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips is all. 

  • We'd have more sympathy for Prince George if we didn't believe in karma...

    Remember when he flicked Princess Charlotte in the head on the way to visit their new baby brother Prince George? Royal kids -- they're really just like ours. Always making some sort of mischief. Now's the time to be grateful there aren't cameras on our kids at all times ... who knows what they might catch?