Princess Charlotte Copies Queen Elizabeth's Royal Wave & Melts Our Hearts

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Our favorite little princess strikes again with her adorableness! Princess Charlotte is no stranger to stealing the show at any (and all) family functions, and she loves putting that cute smile on display -- especially when adoring crowds are involved. Charlotte has handled being in the public eye as a kid extremely well, but sometimes she needs a little guidance from her famous great-grandmother. At the Trooping the Color ceremony, she took some advice from Queen Elizabeth, and the result was almost too much to handle.

  • Charlotte's first approach to waving to her adoring fans was a carefree two-handed one, until she noticed her great-grandmother doing something slightly different. 

    Princess Charlotte quickly switched to a much more refined (but equally as adorable) wave. When you're great-grandmother is the Queen, she must know best, right??

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  • The young princess's copy-cat maneuver even got a laugh out of her mom who was standing right behind her. 

    The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, can be seen in the video looking back at Prince William and laughing at her daughter's reaction. 

    At just 3 years old, Princess Charlotte is already becoming a show-stopping icon. 

  • And we have to say, for someone so young, Princess Charlotte's royal wave is looking pretty good (even without the help of her great-grandmother).

    She's had plenty of practice, and with the queen as her mentor, we have no doubt that she'll be a waving expert pretty soon. 

  • Charlotte's fun-loving and bright nature has always been infectious -- and downright irresistible.

    The young princess was recently spotted having fun with her mom and older brother, Prince Charles, at Prince William's polo match

    There may have been some sports going on, but all eyes were on Charlotte.

  • So, no matter where she goes or what she does, little Charlotte will continue to steal our hearts.

    And we have no problem letting that happen. Keep those waves coming, Char!