The GoFundMe for Bode Miller's 19-Month-Old Daughter Who Drowned Sparks Controversy

Bode Miller and his 19-month-old daughter Emeline who drowned

News of Olympian Bode Miller's toddler daughter drowning has people everywhere mourning his family's loss. It's such an unthinkable tragedy and a reality no parent should ever have to live. As new details about the accident start to come to light, a number of people are starting to notice a GoFundMe fundraiser set up in the late toddler's name, and it's causing a debate.

  • Little Emeline passed away June 09, after wandering into a pool at the neighbor's house her family was visiting.

    "It happened around 6:30 in the evening on Saturday night, Steve Concialdi, the Orange County Fire Authority Captain, told People about the 19-month-old's tragic drowning.

    "They were at a neighbor's house, talking to the neighbors inside, and somehow the little girl made her way to the backyard pool. She was only missing for just a short amount of time and Mom turned and was looking for her and didn't see her right next to her. Mom went straight to the backyard to where the pool was. The child was in the pool. The mom pulled out the little girl and they started CPR immediately.

    Unfortunately, there was no isolation or safety gate that separated the house from the pool. Kids are drawn to the water. They see their older brothers and sisters playing in the water, they see friends, Mom and Dad are using the water, holding them -- most kids don't have any fear of the water. They see it as playtime and they just want to jump in and swim around and unfortunately, children do drown without a sound. There is no yelling or screaming. When a child jumps in the water and that child doesn’t know how to swim, they panic under water. It is extremely tragic."

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  • "The mom did everything she [could]," Captain Steve Concialdi told People about Morgan Beck Miller, Bode's wife, jumping to action.

    "She went straight to that backyard pool, pulled her out immediately," he continued. "They knew how to do CPR. They started CPR, our firefighter paramedics arrived quickly and they took her to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and transported her in grave condition."

    So sad ...

  • Since sharing news of the tragedy, Bode and his wife Morgan took to Instagram to thank people for the outpouring of support.

    "Thank you for all the love and support and to our midwives @lindseymeehleis and @courtneykellis for helping us find the support our family needs during this impossible time," Bode Miller writes in his Instagram post. "Links in bio."

  • And shared a link to the GoFundMe fundraiser set up for their daughter.

    "Over the weekend of June 9th, The Miller family tragically lost their baby Emmy who was 19 months entirely too soon in a tragic drowning accident in the blink of an eye," Lindsey Meehleis, the GoFundMe organizer, writes on the Miller Family Support fundraiser. "As the family navigates through the path of grief and sorrow that no parents should ever have to experience, I would like to call on the community and ask to help take the burden off of the mountainous medical bills that will soon pile in and the memorial service costs. Any amount helps."

    Lindsey also set up a meal train where individuals can provide the Miller family with warm meals in their time of need.

  • Though Morgan and Bode did not create the fundraiser, a number of critics question why there is one given their celebrity.

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    As you'll see from these comments, a kind act is causing controversy.

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  • Others, however, are quick to stick up for the family without question.

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    In addition to their 19-month-old daughter Emeline, Bode and his wife Morgan have a 3-year-old son named Nash, and are expecting another child later this fall. Bode also has two children, son Samuel, 5, and daughter Neesyn,10, from a previous relationship.

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  • Regardless if you agree with the GoFundMe or not, this family deserves comfort.

    Our hearts are with them during this painful time.