Prince Harry Caught Helping Meghan Markle Learn the Royal Ropes & the Video Is Too Cute

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Being a royal is hard, no doubt, but we think our new favorite duchess Meghan Markle has been passing with flying colors. However, even the most poised of people need a little help and guidance sometimes, because let's face it, the royal family holds some pretty tough etiquette standards. So, at the Trooping the Color ceremony, Meghan quietly asked Prince Harry for help with this tiny detail -- and it's adorable to watch. 

  • One of the big moments of the ceremony is the synchronized curtsy. Hoping to get it just right, Meghan whispered to Harry if it was time to "do it."

    In the video, you can see Harry respond "yes" through a smile. 

    Meghan and Harry's on-camera moments never disappoint, but this sweet moment between the two may just go straight to the top of our list. Not a believer yet? Take a look at the video for yourself. 

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  • Watch closely, or you'll miss it! 

    Very smooth, Duke and Duchess. 

  • Let's not forget that Meghan is still new to this whole royal thing, so it's natural for her to need a little help here and there. 

    Although Meghan has been hanging around the royals for a few months now, there's still a lot she needs to learn about traditions and protocols. Earlier this year, it was reported that she received a long list of royal rules for her to follow. Meghan is constantly in the spotlight and has an extremely important family to impress, so clearly she has a lot on her plate. 

    However, we aren't too worried, because it looks like her handsome new husband will always have her back. 

  • And this isn't the first time Prince Harry has given Meghan some advice. 

    Apparently, Prince Harry also guides Meghan on her fashion choices. A man that doubles has a husband and a stylist? Not too bad. 

    And whatever royal style advice Harry gives must be working because all of Meghan's outfits so far have looked positively regal. 

  • So, Meghan may have needed some guidance at the Trooping the Color ceremony, but we're certain it won't take her long to learn the ropes of being a royal.

    She is a duchess, after all.