Meghan Markle Has Been Dragged Into Kate Middleton's Topless Photo Lawsuit


Let's just go ahead and file this one under: Completely and utterly ridiculous. Remember a few years ago when French paparazzi intrusively -- and illegally -- took pictures of topless Kate Middleton sunbathing during a private holiday? And how the royal family sued them afterwards? Yeah, well, the case is still going on. And now Meghan Markle has a part in the infamous Kate Middleton lawsuit.

  • Today, French lawyers are arguing that the $123,000 awarded to the Duchess for having private, topless photos published in a tabloid should be drastically reduced. 

    kate middleton
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    The reason? Her new sister-in-law. 

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  • In typical French privacy cases, payouts are usually extremely low (around $150), but being that Kate is, well, Kate, the payout was much higher.  

    Now, though, attorneys for Closer -- the magazine that published the photos -- are saying that it is "hypocritical" to award such a hefty sum of money to the Duke and Duchess when other royals -- I.E. Meghan Markle -- "are happy with sexy photos."

  • Being that said "sexy" photos of Meghan were taken before she was in the royal family -- and that they weren't private! -- this sounds like a stretch.

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    According to the Telegraph, Closer's legal team is going to produce footage of the Duchess of Sussex taking off some of her clothing before posing in shorts in a 2013 video called "Grilling Never Looked So Hot" for Men’s Health. The argument being that women in the royal family have willingly posed for revealing images in the past.

    But ... isn't "willingly" the operative word there?

  • Whatever happens with the case, we're on Team Kate. 

    And shame on Closer's attorneys for dragging Meghan Markle into this mess. What new royal wants to deal with that?

    Hang in there, ladies. We're rooting for both of you.