Audrey Roloff Opens Up About Her Trip to Urgent Care & the Premonition Something Was Wrong

Audrey Roloff with mono in urgent care
audreyroloff/Instagram Stories

Ever have the feeling something was wrong, but you can't exactly place your finger on what? Audrey Roloff's trip to urgent care sounds super scary. But what's crazy isn't that the Little People, Big World star knew something was up and actually predicted her diagnosis.

  • Audrey recently took to Instagram Stories to share her ordeal after feeling terrible for some time.

    "The past week I've been feeling so rundown and have been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain," Audrey Roloff followed up in a recent Instagram post about her adventure to urgent care. "I thought it was just from stress of working on the edits for our book, getting ready to travel out of town for a work trip, and Ember waking up in the night to nurse (which has been happening for the past 3 weeks.. teething). But apparently that's not all."

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  • She had a feeling something was off and had a sneaky suspicion it was mono ... and it was.

    Audrey Roloff continues:

    "From being an injury prone athlete my whole life, I've acquired a keen sense for when something is off in my body. Yesterday I finally decided to go to the dreaded urgent care. They wanted to test me for strep and pregnancy but I was convinced neither were the case. I asked if I could maybe be Mono (I had watched my best friend fight mono in college and my symptoms were so similar). He said that they typically see Mono in teenagers and college students ... But they tested me to be sure. When he came back in with the results he said, 'Well, I think you're the first breastfeeding mom I've ever seen test POSITIVE for Mono ...' Like seriously?! I'm not going around making out with people and sharing drinks. Oh and then he follows up with this super practical and attainable advice ...'Just try to rest as much as you can for the next 4-8 weeks' ...... LOL."

  • Audrey's diagnosis was so unexpected, the doctor was taken aback.

    "MOMS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET MONO," the Roloff new mom wrote in her update. "Praying I don't pass it to Ember or Jeremy and that it passes over me quickly. At least I have the cutest baby girl ever to cheer me up."

  • Mono is the worst.

  • Feel better, Audrey!

    For reals, if you're traveling, that mono needs to be gone sooner than later.