Meghan Markle's Face Is Seriously Freaking People Out

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Meghan Markle
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What the heck is up with Meghan Markle's face? Fans were aghast this week on Twitter, after new video emerged of the Duchess of Sussex looking ... well, looking like she was made of plastic. Did Prince Harry's new wife OD on the Botox, or what?

  • This is absolutely the creepiest, weirdest footage of the new duchess we've ever seen.

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  • Fans started freaking out over the fake-looking duchess.

    We knew that marriage into the royal family would probably change her in some way, but into a Stepford wife? We were not expecting this at all. 

  • No one seemed to have an explanation for the plastic smile, unblinking stare, and robotic movement.

    Too much face yoga, perhaps? 

  • Thankfully, there's nothing wrong with Meghan's face -- the whole thing was a publicity stunt for Madame Tussauds.

    Yup, they were just actors in very realistic masks. 

  • It's probably safe to say we're all a little relieved. 

    The promotional stunt took place last week during the Britain's Got Talent finale, as a preview for Madame Tussauds' new Live Figures exhibit in London. According to the company's website, guests will be able to "view and interact with the royals' wax clones much more up-close than usual."

    We suppose it's less creepy if you actually know they're statues.