Amy Roloff Is Contemplating Leaving the Farm Because of Matt

Amy Roloff

There's been talk on Little People, Big World for some time about the Roloff family farm and what to do with the property down the road. Matt Roloff has danced around with the idea of bidding adieu, but it seems his former significant other might be following suit. Amy Roloff is contemplating leaving the farm as she continues to transition into her "second act." And the reason why is tied to Matt.

  • Matt and Amy have been living (apart) on the farm for some time, and it's not working anymore.

    Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff
    "Coexisting with Amy has its ups and downs," Matt Roloff once described about living 500 feet away from Amy during a Little People, Big World episode. "You know, there's good days and bad days and we just take it day by day."
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  • Matt seems ready to make moves with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler that has Amy thinking about her own life.

    Matt and his girlfriend are looking to buy property together and establish roots away from the farm in a different state. "The idea that owning a place in Arizona is very exciting to me," Matt Roloff stated during the June 5 Little People, Big World episode.

    He continues:

    "Caryn and I are looking to invest in property down there. Amy and I have a lot of assets in the farm, so it's really important that I start investing some of my personal money off the farm and really just having my own path that’s separate from Amy.

    I feel very committed to Caryn. Caryn and I are going on this adventure together, we are on this great track. So the idea of us having a vacation home that we share together, it's interesting. I think we are going to take our relationship to the next level."

  • "Matt has a plan and an idea where his future is going, and I don't," Amy recently admitted on the show.

    "Since the divorce, I'm looking at my house differently," she adds. "I have to consider the possibility of needing to move off the farm. I want to be prepared if that day were to come."

  • "What kind of leads me to the thought of moving off the farm is that a major thing broke, and that was the marriage."

    Amy Roloff continued:

    "I think that was the strength of everything we've done here. If losing the farm meant this family further distanced themselves, then that would be sad I think. But I don't think losing the farm will change the family dynamics.

    I'm not going to wait to see where Matt's life takes him. I want to do certain things that helps me decide what I want to do on my own, and not be impacted by what Matt does and does not do. I've got to run my own life now."

  • Amy has a big decision to make, but can't help but reminisce about past years on the farm and the need for change.

    "Knowing that the family life that I thought I would have until I die, which was being married to Matt didn't work out, does make me sad, absolutely," Amy confessed on the episode. "But I can't live for that anymore.

    "Whatever Matt may decide, some of these decisions affect me and my life because I can't run the farm without him. Being an at home mom didn't really prepare me for this stage of my life to begin again. I wish I would've taken a little more time just for myself. I didn't really develop anything just for me for this moment that I'm in right now. That will be my only regret.

    I consider this my home. It's the only home I've ever known in Oregon. But to move on is still a thought I'd have to consider. Maybe it's time. Maybe it's time to just go."

  • And if you think this means Amy is ready to go off and but a house with her beau Chris Marek, think again.

    "Chris is an important person in my life, but I have no set agenda -- or time limit -- on how we move forward," the Roloff star acknowledged on the show about her boyfriend Chris. "I mean, look how much stuff I still have to figure out in my life. So until I solidify certain other things that are going on in my life, I don't want Chris to get involved."

  • Who knows what's in store for Amy.

    We'll be tuning in.