New Video of Mama June Shows Her Struggle With Weight After Losing 300 Pounds

Mama June in Mama June: From Not to Hot season 2
WE TV/YouTube

Last year, Mama June shocked the world with her 300-pound weight loss. The reality star mom underwent surgery that slimmed her figure, helping score a new reality show centered around her transformation. And with season two of From Not to Hot on the way, it looks like all eyes will be on the celeb again as critics are saying "she's already gaining her weight back." New video of Mama June shows her struggle with weight gain and the cruel comments she endures that, hopefully, will make anyone think twice about casting judgment on another person's appearance.

  • In a first look at the return season, Mama June and her boyfriend Geno Doak stop by a dress shop to pick up her pageant gown.

    June of course can't help but talk marriage to Geno, though he quickly shuts that sh*t down. "You know you wanna lock this body down and put a ring on it," Mama June tells Geno during the clip. "I mean, if you insisted on getting married, I feel we're close enough I can walk you and give you away," Geno Doak jokingly responds.

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  • June had to deal with stares and side comments of onlookers in the bridal and formal wear store.

  • And a store associate who could've been nicer about her concerns Mama June's dress would no longer fit.

    "We have done great alterations on it. Would you like to try it on?" the associate asks June before the reality star tells her no. "It's a size eight," the unnamed woman quickly clarifies -- looking Mama June up and down, seemingly to call out her noticeable weight gain. "Oh ... okay."

    "I mean, I don't know what this woman's problem is," June later says during the clip. "I lost 300 pounds. So if I say I'm an eight, I'm an eight. I know different sizes fit differently, but I'm an eight. All day, every day."

  • But as June later discovers while trying on the dress at home, things are a little different.

    "What did they do to my dress?" she questions, assuming the store clerks altered it in more without telling her. "Did they like, 'haha, let's take it in another inch or two'? This is bullsh*t."

  • Critics already started pointing out Mama June's struggle with keeping off the weight she lost.

    YouTube comments

    The comments aren't super supportive.

  • And question whether or not she's being honest with herself about her size.

    YouTube comments
  • Even Honey Boo Boo caught heat for how she looks in the clip.

  • YouTube commenters

    This isn't the first time Honey Boo Boo's weight has come under fire.

  • Hopefully June can get to a place where she feels happy and healthy.

    Because that, and not a particular size, is all that matters.

  • You can check out the first look in full here: