Pregnant Kat Von D's Pics From Her Unusual Red Wedding Spark Backlash

Kat Von D with husband Rafael Reyes

There are plenty of celebrity weddings that inspire the masses. Sometimes, it's an unforgettable wedding dress, and other times, something great the average couple can't afford. Welp, Kat Von D's red wedding is turning lots of heads (and then some). Seriously, people can't stop talking about the celeb mom-to-be and how ungodly everything looks.

  • Kat was a vision in red during her June 2 nuptials.

    "In a couple hours I'll be walking down the aisle with the love of my life @thekatvond," Prayers singer Leafar Seyer -- who's real name is Rafael Reyes -- wrote on Instagram about Kat Von D. "EN VIDA Y EN MUERTE."

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  • Technically, the expectant mom and Leafar are already married but enjoyed an unforgettable event.

    "Still feeling the emotional electricity from our wedding last night with @prayers," the tattoo artist wrote on Instagram. "We are spending today together reliving our vows, our beloved friends love, and all the artful beauty we created together, and I promise to share our epic wedding photos with you all soon as well as a bit more of our feelings about everything -- as right now, we are both so overwhelmed with all the Love."

    Kat and Leafar said "I do" back in February and announced last month they're expecting their first child together.

  • This couple's wedding can easily be labeled "unusual" or "nontraditional."

    Lots of celebrities at weddings turn heads.

  • But does that give anyone the right to say it looks like a "satanic ritual"?

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    Oh yes, these comments go there.

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  • Or "creepy"?

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  • Or call Kat Von D a "fu**ing weirdo" for daring to do something different?

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  • Kat is able to do what she wants on her wedding day.

    End of story.

    (Seriously, calm down and stop acting like everyone needs to rock white on their wedding day.)

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