Scott Disick Gets Handsy With Someone Who Definitely Is Not His Girlfriend Sofia Richie

Scott Disick, Sofia Richie

Uh-oh, have Scott Disick and Sofia Richie hit the brakes on their relationship? Just when we were finally getting used to these two being together, it looks like they may have broken up. Scott called himself single this week at a party for Kanye West in Montana, and was photographer getting handsy with someone who was definitely not his 19-year-old girlfriend. 

  • The couple was in St. Bart's just a few days ago to celebrate his birthday, and we assumed everything was fine. 

    Despite reports that Sofia was having issues with Kourtney Kardashian, they seemed totally happy. Scotts kids joined them on the trip, and Sofia captioned this photo of them in the water with, "Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you. Love you."

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  • However, TMZ got a photo of Scott with a blonde at Kanye's album release party on Thursday night in Jackson Hole.

    Not only was the father of three getting comfy-cozy with the unidentified female, we was also apparently getting pretty tipsy, and announcing to several in attendance that's he's single now. 

  • Meanwhile, Sohpia's most recent Instagram post is this one from two days ago, captioned simply, "For the soul."

    There's no way to know if she was just speaking in general, or if her soul really does need some healing after a breakup. Honestly, we were skeptical of this relationship in the beginning, considering that Sofia is still a teenager and all, but they've been growing on us in recent months. Heck, even Kourt said earlier this week that she trusts the woman with her three children, and you can't get a better stamp of approval from a baby mama than that.

  • Only time will tell if this was a blip in the road or if they're done for good.

    It really was a long shot that they'd make it, given their 16-year age difference if nothing else, but we ended up rooting for them. Let's just hope that things ended before Scott got up close and personal with that lady at Kanye's party -- nobody deserves to be stepped out on.