Khloe Kardashian's Latest Update On Baby True Is Everything

Khloe Kardashian

Now that Khloe Kardashian's daughter, True, is almost two months old, we've been dying for more updates about her. Over the weekend, Khloe shared the sweetest selfie of herself and True, and that combined with an update on what motherhood has been like for her so far is definitely helping with our curiosity. 

  • First thing's first -- the adorable selfie. 

    Have you ever seen a more adorable mama and baby pair than Khloe and baby True? We didn't think so! Khloe captioned the photo "mommy's little love," and we're obsessed. We may not have seen much of True so far, but everything Khloe has shared has been too cute for words. We're loving their bond so much already!

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  • And according to what a source close to Khloe tells People, this new mom couldn't be happier.

    “Khloe seems great," the source said. "She loves being a mom and can’t stop talking about True." 

    The source also added that the downside to living in Cleveland is that she's really missing her family, especially her sisters -- and knowing how tight knit they are, that doesn't surprise us in the least. The source added that she talks to them several times a day. How sweet! Besides, Kourtney and Kim (and now, even Kylie) are probably invaluable to her as a sounding board for any parenting questions she might have.

  • It's only when it comes to True's dad that things get a little murky. 

    We still have no idea what Khloe's future with Tristan Thompson might look like, but insider told People that things are really changing in their relationship in light of everything that unfolded over the last couple of months. 

    “She has good days and bad days with Tristan,” said the source. “They had a very calm relationship before those videos and pictures were released. Now their relationship has changed.”

  • Whatever happens next, we hope Khloe does whatever she needs for her and True to be happy.

    Fingers crossed that she'll share more photos of True soon. We just can't get enough of that squishy little face!