Matt Roloff's New Pics With Caryn Address Growing Concern They're Breaking Up

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Facebook

Shut it down, Matthew! There's been growing concern that Matt Roloff and Caryn are over. The Little People, Big World star can't seem to shake off these rumors, with outlets once noting the reality star stopped following his main squeeze on Instagram. (Yikes.) Welp, Matt Roloff's latest pics feature his maybe estranged girlfriend, and my are fans sounding off.

  • Matt wrapped up his mini book tour in Arizona, celebrating his time in The Copper State and his eagerness to get back to the farm.

    "After a couple of wonderful weeks in Arizona.. It’s that time to get back to the farm Hug those grand babies and catch up on many chores ... like Planting those Pumpkin seeds. Thank you again to the great, friendly people of Arizona for such a warm welcome at my book signing ..." Matt Roloff wrote on Facebook.

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  • And one person who was by his side was Caryn Chandler, the special woman in his life.

    That's right, it seems things between Matt Roloff and his girlfriend are just fine.

  • Roloff fans are over the moon to see Matt and Caryn together.

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    In case you can't tell by the comments, Little People, Big World fans are excited Matt and Caryn are still together.

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  • And hope these two stay together.

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    With so much controversy swirling around the Roloff family, one can only hope these two will stand the test of time.

  • We're crossing our fingers for you two!

    (We really are!)