Matt Roloff's 'Spread Some Love' Video Has Fans Calling Amy a 'Witch'

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff/Facebook

In case it wasn't crystal clear enough, Little People, Big World fans have their opinions about Amy and Matt Roloff. Folks have chosen a side and are sticking with the person they feel was slighted and treated poorly -- and have no problem bringing it up at any point in time. Case in point: Matt Roloff's book tour video was meant to address his book (surprise), but instead has turned into an opportunity to bash his ex -- with peeps going as far to call Amy Roloff a "witch" among other things. (Yikes.)

  • Matt is enjoying a bit of fun in the sun in Surprise, Arizona to promote his children's book, Little Lucy Big Race.

    "Hey there, everybody. Here I am in Surprise, Arizona, hanging out and enjoying the very warm, comfortable weather," Matt Roloff mentions in his video shared on Facebook.

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  • And Little People, Big World fans took the opportunity to bring up his ex Amy.

    ... because that makes so much sense.

  • While a couple people did take digs at Matt -- accusing him of cheating on Amy with Caryn while he was still married ...

    Facebook comment

    Amy Roloff recently hinting at drama between her Matt and Caryn behind the scenes did turn some heads. But that's not to say that he stepped out during their almost 30-year union.

  • others couldn't help but call out the Roloff matriarch, accusing Amy of making Matt "look bad."

    If you think that's bad, some "fans" told Amy to stop "playing the victim" recently.

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    The comments are really going there.

  • And accuse her of "flaunting" her romance with Chris Marek in Matt's face.

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    Amy Roloff's boyfriend will always be a source of controversy.

  • Seriously, peeps have no problem calling Amy Roloff a "witch."

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  • Okay, everyone ... let's all take five and breathe.

  • Matt and Amy might have their differences (or maybe not), but calling the mother of his children names like this just isn't kosher.

    Seriously, let's do better.