17 Unforgettable Images From Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding

17 Unforgettable Images From Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding
Image: Zak Hussein/Splash News

meghan markle
Zak Hussein/Splash News

To say the royal wedding lived up to the hype is an understatement. From Meghan Markle's iconic (off-the-shoulder!) Givenchy dress to Doria Ragland's tears of joy to Prince George and Princess Charlotte's arrival, the day delivered. We couldn't get enough! And going off of the overall reaction on social media, no one could get enough. (Whose feeds weren't clogged with #RoyalWedding hashtags?)

The day may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't (and won't) relive it a hundred times over. (And quite frankly, it doesn't look like the Internet would have it any other way.) We've officially got #HarryandMeghan fever. And the only antidote is more Harry and Meghan. 

Like Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding in 2011, Harry and Meghan's special day was filled with moments people just can't stop talking about. (And with a royally star-studded guest list and fleet of adorable flower girls and page boys, it's really no surprise.) The wedding was one for the books and no doubt one people will be talking about for years to come. 

From Meghan and Charles's walk down the aisle to the very first kiss, here are 17 royal wedding images we'll never forget. Congratulations to the happy couple. We're more than impressed with their party-planning skills. 

  • Prince William & Prince Harry's Arrival 


    Whether people are old enough to be fans of Princess Diana or not, there seemed to be a collective feeling of sentimentality when the brothers arrived at St. George's chapel together; a feeling like their mother was looking down on them. And making their time together at the ceremony all the more sweet is the fact that Harry and William were talking about Diana as they waited for Meghan at the altar. 

  • Amal Clooney's Dress

    amal clooney royal wedding
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    Before Meghan arrived, there's no denying it: Amal Clooney was owning the show in her stunning yellow Stella McCartney dress. 

  • Meghan & Her Mom En Route

    meghan markle
    Splash News

    When we first caught a glimpse of Meghan, it was when she was riding to St. George's Chapel with her mom, Doria Ragland. Not only was it really touching to think of the women sharing such a special moment together, it was the first time we saw Meghan's tiara!

  • Charles Walking Meghan Down the Aisle


    Two words: That train. 

  • Meghan Markle's Makeup


    What a gorgeous shot! Just as Kate Middleton stuck with her almost-everyday makeup for her wedding in 2011, Meghan did the same -- and it was flawless. A bit of a smoky eye, a pink lip, and her signature dewy, glowy skin and Meghan was good to go. 

    **furiously tries to do a smoky eye, pink lip, and dewy skin**

  • The Duke & Duchess of Sussex


    The first time Harry and Meghan emerged as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we weren't sure where to look: at them or at the gorgeous flowers encircling them!

  • The First Kiss


    As with every wedding, the first kiss was definitely a highlight. 

  • Meghan's Look of Love


    When Prince Harry lifted Meghan's veil, there was no mistaking it: The woman's in love. And of course we can see this all the better in GIF form. 

  • Princess Charlotte


    The only person who gave Meghan a run for her money at the wedding was the eternally adorable Princess Charlotte. Look at her waving!

  • Oprah

    oprah royal wedding
    Splash News

    Because, OPRAH! (And walking right behind gorgeous actor Idris Elba, no less!)

  • Pippa Middleton's 'Baby Bump'

    pippa middleton
    Splash News

    In her most high-profile outing since it was revealed that she's expecting, we saw a teeny-tiny baby bump on Pippa Middleton. So cute!

  • Prince William & Prince George Leaving the Wedding 


    What a handsome, adorable duo!

  • Kate Middleton & Princess Charlotte


    Sweetest pair ever!

  • Harry Salutes His Grandma


    During the procession, it was sweet to see Queen Elizabeth waving to her grandson. And Harry saluting her back. 

  • Prince Charles With Camilla & Doria Ragland


    Now if that isn't two worlds colliding, not sure what is. Love!

  • Windsor Well-Wishers


    Oh, just your average Saturday afternoon wedding. NBD. 

  • Harry & Meghan's Departure for the Reception


    OK, so technically, this wasn't part of the actual wedding, but damn. This is some James Bond-style stuff right here. 

    Harry? Meg? Really, we're not worthy. 


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