Prince William's Words to Prince Harry on the Way into St. George's Chapel Were Simply Priceless

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prince william prince harry wedding
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The ceremony portion of the royal wedding is officially over, but it's safe to say that it's something people will be talking about long after the fact. Meghan Markle made history today by marrying Prince Harry, and there were so many emotional moments during the wedding that had us struggling to hold back the tears. But on their walk into St. George's chapel we saw Prince William and Prince Harry chatting while everyone looked on, and of course we were curious as to what they were saying to each other.

  • According to a lip reader who spoke to Cosmopolitan, they were having a bit of a joke.

    prince harry prince william wedding
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    Apparently William told Harry that his "shoes and trousers are too tight." HAAAA! If that was the case, it'll certainly make for a long day. 

    All kidding aside, however, it was so heartwarming to see Harry and William arrive at the wedding together today. Their bond is so strong and it's so apparent that they are as close as two brothers can be.

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  • Harry and William were also caught chatting before Meghan Markle walked down the aisle.

    prince harry prince william wedding
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  • Here's a video clip of their little pre-wedding conversation.

    Hmm ... what exactly were they talking about? We need a lip reader to weigh in on this discussion, stat!