15 Times Amy Roloff's Instagram Got Her in Trouble

Maressa Brown | May 18, 2018 Celebrities
15 Times Amy Roloff's Instagram Got Her in Trouble

Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff may be beloved by Little People, Big World fans, but she's no stranger to being a target of their ire, as well. Whether she's taking to social media to share a sweet post about her boyfriend, Chris Marek, or plugging her favorite type of tea, the matriarch of the reality show family gets her fair share of flak. 

Amy's followers know good and well how crazy the comments about her life are -- especially on social media. For some reason, Amy Roloff's critics just love to follow her online and talk smack about her every move.

Amy is showing off her baked goods? Can't do that.

Oh, she's talking about her "second act" and the love she has for her new man? Nope, horrible.

She can't catch a break!

As crazy as it sounds, Amy's posts on the 'Gram seem to be the main place where the madness happens. No matter what she shares, someone has to criticize it -- even if said criticism is completely foolish and left field. Here's a look at 15 times Amy Roloff's Instagram got her in trouble with "fans."

  • Taking a 'Rude Dig' at Ex-Husband Matt Roloff


    Amy recently shared sweet photo of herself and her grandson Jackson on Instagram that was oh so sweet. "Had to wish Jackson another Birthday wish w/ a book I forgot to include in his gift! Lol," she captioned her post. "Tori and I were talking and we both mentioned 'he's not a baby anymore, he's s boy' His first year flew by. I'll love my grandson of mine forever and always. I wish and hope for everything good to be in and a part of his life." 

    In turn, Amy was accused of using Jackson to get back at her ex-husband, as Matt Roloff dedicated his children's book, Little Lucy, Big Race, to the 1-year-old. "Just a rude dig at his fab grandpa, I'd say!" one commenter wrote.

  • Letting Chris Marek 'Use' Her


    In early May, Amy shared a lovey-dovey moment with her boyfriend Chris Marek, writing, "Thanks for being awesome fans and your support and encouragement here on my FB and IG. Keep smiling - you may help someone else want to smile too!"

    But not all Roloff fans were happy to see these two embracing. One wrote, "I could puke watching him. Don't trust him. He's using you. wake up Amy." Another agreed, stating Amy's boyfriend Chris is "using her for money and farm." 

    "What a shame she cant see it. One day she will," the critic continued.

  • 'Disrespecting' the Roloff Family Home With Chris


    After she took to the 'Gram to share this "usie" with her beau, fans ridiculed Amy for letting Chris come and go as he pleases from her house. They feel it's "disrespectful" to allow her new man to spend so much time at the Roloff family home, especially since Amy once shared it with Matt ... and he lives 500 feet away.

  • 'Buying' Chris's Love


    When Amy shared this adorbs shot of herself with Chris on their romantic cruise getaway, Little People, Big World fans flipped over fears that she's the only one shelling out dough for their adventures and "buying" his love.

    Really now?

  • 'Soup Night' Ordeal


    "Another wonderful Soup night w/ these lovely people (Dan was here too)," Amy wrote in this Instagram post. "I love that Chris and friends still come over to simply gather, eat and conversations . Wonderful friends! Menu: Split Pea Soup, Ricotta and roasted tomato bruschetta, pound cake w/ whip cream and cherry topping. I love soup night!"

    Sounds innocent enough, right? Too bad fans got all fired up about her ex Matt that landed her between a rock and a hard place. "You know Amy I never saw you put your head on Matt's shoulder with love!!!" snapped a commenter. If the matriarch was attempting to minimize any apparent contention with her ex, comments like this do her no favors. Then again, the woman was just trying to post about soup.

  • 'Selling Herself'


    In March, Amy tried to promote her book, A Little Me, on Instagram. "As I see my Felix basking in the first day of Spring sunshine I wish I could join him," she wrote. "But I'm sitting in my spot on my couch trying hard to finish writing the second to the last chapter of my book 'A Little Me.'"

    Nice! Until, of course, commenters accused her of "selling herself."


  • 'Hawking' Products


    Amy tried to promote some products she likes on Instagram last September. "I'm so excited! Got to enjoy my new @fabfitfun fall box today!" she happily shared in her post. "As a #fabfitfunpartner, it's really exciting to see what is in this season’s box."

    Welp, that didn't go over too well with her followers ... like, at all. "Pls stop using Instagram to sell stuff," one commenter wrote. Another said, "Stop hawking products."

  • Easter Drama


    After taking to social media to talk about her Easter plans, and to share this stunningly colorful photo, commenters accused the LPBW star of "making money on holiday" and being "ignorant and fake." Say what?!

  • Teethgate


    "What a blast! Went to Idaho to visit Chris's family and go snowmobiling," the reality star shared about her wintry getaway with Chris. Apparently, simply smiling and showing some teeth is enough to set off the trolls. One Instagram commenter wrote, "[Amy] needs her [teeth] done now. She can afford it! Her teeth are awful."

    Geez. What else are we going to get mad at her for?

  • Too Much Tea


    On Valentine's Day, Amy couldn't help but gush about her tea and how she swapped out coffee for the tea brand. And boy was the backlash was swift and fierce. One commenter wrote on Instagram, "just what Instagram needs, more ads. Unfollow!" Another added, "always pushing something at us."


  • 'Living in Sin'


    Amy's Super Bowl Sunday group shot seems benign, right? But the way Chris has his arms wrapped around Amy was a bit too touchy-feely for some of her fans who called him a "snake" and said the pair is living "in sin."

    "A Christian doesn't continue to love in sin ... better to marry then to burn," snapped a commenter. "Don't claim Christ when the fruits deny him. Take after your three kids who knew better. Fornication is unbecoming."

  • Mystery Ring


    Some Roloff fans weren't happy with what looked to be an engagement ring on Amy's finger. (It was the wrong finger, but still.) In fact, peeps were so angry at the idea of Amy and Chris, they threatened to unfollow her as a result.


  • Leaving Town Before Audrey's Due Date


    Last August, right around the time that daughter-in-law Audrey Roloff was due with Ember, Amy took a road trip with Chris. "And we're off!" Roloff captioned in her Instagram post. "Road trip. OR, WA, ID Alberta Canada."

    And fans weren't having it.

    "Very shocked you are going out of town with the new baby to arrive soon," one fan wrote. Another said, "You never going to get back missing out on the birth of your 1st granddaughter."

  • Shading Matt With Jacob's 21st Birthday Party


    In January, Amy threw son Jacob a 21st birthday party, which looked like a warm, loving, fun-filled family affair. Unfortunately, fans took the opportunity to knock her for not including her ex-husband. "Matt should've been there with his girlfriend as these are his children also," one commenter wrote.

  • 'Where's Zach?'


    When Amy took to Instagram to share this family photo -- sans Zach -- in March, fans were all bent out of shape wondering where her 28-year-old son was. Amy replied in the comments that he couldn't be there, because he had some work to do. Everyone needs to simmer!


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