Kate Middleton Slides in Under the Radar at the Royal Wedding

Jonathan Brady/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and family
Jonathan Brady/Getty Images

We were all so excited to catch a brief glimpse of Kate Middleton earlier this week, when she showed up in Windsor for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding rehearsal. After all, it was the first time we'd seen a photo of her since Prince Louis's birth, and even though she was riding in a car, she still looked, well, pretty darn perfect. We could not wait to see what Kate is wearing for the royal wedding today. But man, we barely caught a glimpse of her as she escorted the page boys and little bridesmaids into the church.

  • Kate was expected to go a more conservative route, and surely did not want to take attention away from the bride.

    Jonathan Brady/Getty Images

    And somehow we're guessing that's why she didn't want to make any sort of a grand entrance. After all, she had her big day back in 2011, and now it's Meghan's turn to shine.

    Not wanting to take attention away from the bride is also likely why Kate went with a cream-colored dress and coat. She almost looks like the mother-of-the-bride (minus the whole age thing) as opposed to the sister-in-law of the bride.

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  • Prince William arrived separately from Kate, escorting his brother as his best man.

    Prince William, Prince Harry, Royal Wedding
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    Our hearts kind of exploded watching these two walk in together. We're sure that Princess Diana was watching over them, and so proud of the men that both of her boys have grown up to be. 

  • Shifting gears for a second. Is it just us, or was Kate giving Camilla the side-eye here? 

    OMG. No words. 


  • But while we're delighted to see Kate looking so beautiful and ... relaxed, we are a bit disappointed that she opted to leave Prince Louis at home for the occasion. Of course, something tells us she and Prince William are probably not complaining about having a little bit of adult time this afternoon. Maybe Will will even bust out his dad dance moves at the evening reception. (One can hope.)