Kim Kardashian's Bathtub Pic of North & Saint Sends Fans into a Tizzy

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Kim Kardashian
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She likes to flirt with controversy, that's for sure! Kim Kardashian just posted a controversial photo -- and this time it's of her kids. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a pic of North and Saint in the bathtub, and people are definitely having some feels about it. 

  • Kim shared this sweet photo of her two oldest in the bath, and added the caption, "My babies," along with a hearts emoji.

    We saw where this was going before we even read the comments. While there is absolutely nothing sexual about naked babies, there are some nasty people in the world, and there are even more who will judge any parent who shares an innocent bath time photo because pedophiles exist. 

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  • It's not even Kim's first controversial Instagram post this week. A few days ago, she was absolutely roasted for sharing an advertisement for weight loss lollipops. She ended up taking that post down, but this bath time one seems to be here to stay. 

  • It wasn't long before fans were condemning Kim in the comments of her post. 

    Most people seemed to be in agreement that the bath pic was adorbs, but a lot also thought Kim should have kept the moment in a private family album. 


  • Some people even accused her of being "OK" with perverts "utilizing" her picture. 

  • Other fans seemed genuinely concerned that Kim will have to learn the hard way not to share naked kid photos. 

    We're pretty sure Kim knows what she's doing -- exactly what she wants, without caring what the world thinks of her. We have to admire that quality about her. She wanted to share a sweet pic of her kids in the bath, so she did. We doubt there's really any more to it than that.