Hilary Duff's Public Feud With Weed-Smoking Neighbor Reportedly Turns Physical

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Hilary Duff
Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Don't try to light up around this mom! Hilary Duff's epic rant about her neighbor smoking (both cigarettes and marijuana) is making rounds and turning lots of heads. It's beyond relentless and has many of Hilary's fans calling her everything from "disgusting" to "pathetic" for using her public platform to ridicule someone. And sadly, the drama doesn't stop there, as cops were later called after things turned physical. (Yikes.)

  • Hilary unleashed her fury about her neighbor Dieter Addison on May 16 in a series of Instagram Stories posts.

    "Calling all New Yorkers with a**hole neighbors -- really open to any advice you have," Hilary said in an Instagram Stories video, E! News reports. "My neighbor smokes cigarettes and weed all night long. My apartment reeks. Seriously, what do I do?"

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  • As you can see, this tired mama isn't happy with her neighbor's smoking habit.

    Hilary's frustration is understandable considering she does have her 6-year-old son Luca to think about.

  • And she had no problem putting Dieter's business on blast.

  • "We know your parents pay your rent. We know you never worked a day in your life. Must be nice," she said on Instagram Stories.

    "Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building," Hilary continued. "Don't be a d**k, dude. And put your trash down the chute."


  • Needless to say, Hilary's fans had more than a few words for her pulling such a stunt.

    Instagram comments

    Hilary Duff might've inspired mommies to love their bodies in the past, but she likely lost come cool points for this.

  • Some folks accuse her of "cyber bullying" her neighbor by posting her rant online.

    Instagram comments

    Hilary's followers are sounding off in the comments section of a recent Instagram photo the actress posted.


  • And others are calling her a "disgusting" and "pathetic" person for taking such drastic and public measures.

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  • Instagram comment

    Hilary's rep issued a statement to E! News to justify her actions. It reads:

    "Hilary and her young son have been subjected to excessive secondhand smoke, late night noise, garbage in the hallways, and an overall hazardous living environment from this man for months now.  She tried numerous times in polite ways to handle this situation including countless sessions with the landlords of the building. As every mother knows, protecting your kid has to come first and foremost and that is her primary goal.  She reached a breaking point after a 15 hour work day and yet another sleepless night."
  • Weed might be the least of Hilary's worries now, though, as the police have become involved in the matter, thanks to her boyfriend maybe hitting the neighbor.

    Hilary Duff and boyfriend Matthew Koma
    Splash News

    It appears Dieter Addison reportedly called NYPD on May 16, claiming Matthew Koma, Hilary's boyfriend, struck him because of the smoking. The New York Police Department confirmed to E! News a "report of harassment" was taken, though no arrests were made.

    "... [A]pproximately 11:26 hours police responded to a 911 call inside of a residential location along Wooster Street within the confines of the 1st Precinct," NYPD told E! News about the incident. "Upon arrival police were informed by a 26-year-old male victim that he had a dispute with another male at the location. Following the dispute, the male suspect struck the victim. There were no visible injuries."

    "I had to call the police this morning because Hilary's boyfriend, Matthew Koma, barged in and tried to punch me in the face," Addison alleged to Page Six about the showdown with Hilary's boyfriend. "I tried to avoid his fist, but he hit me on the head," Addison claimed. "So I pushed him out of the apartment, but I didn't assault him."

  • This is beyond crazy.

    Hopefully Hilary and Dieter can come to some healthy understanding that doesn't include throwing shots.

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