Princess Charlotte & Her Royal Wave Almost Upstage Meghan Markle at the Royal Wedding

Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte Royal Wedding
Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images

Aside from seeing Meghan Markle all dolled up in her wedding dress, let's get real -- the thing we've been sitting on the edge of our seats for while watching the royal wedding is Prince George and Princess Charlotte's big appearance as page boy and bridesmaid, respectively. These two definitely have a knack for stealing the show no matter what the occasion, and it seems that Uncle Harry's wedding is no exception.

  • Charlotte showed off her royal prowess right from the start, by sharing this little wave from the car. 

    Princess Charlotte at Harry and Meghan's wedding
    Photo by Andrew Milligan - WPA/Getty Images

    Is this girl a royal pro, or what?  She genuinely seems to enjoy the crowds.

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  • George and Kate Middleton seemed to be enjoying the moment as well.

  • You guys? Could they have possibly made a grander entrance into St. George's Chapel?

    We cannot even with how cute these kids are! Kate Middleton was with the bridesmaids and page boys as the arrived at Windsor Castle on Saturday, and we may be biased, but we especially loved seeing Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

  • Of course Princess Charlotte's sweet little wave to her admirers basically stole the show. Sorry, Meg!

    She really should have that wave trademarked! We first saw her do it just after her first birthday, and she treated us to the cutest royal wave ever just last month when her baby brother Prince Louis was born

  • The other children in the wedding party were too adorable as well.

    Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Page Boys
    WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to forgo tradition with their wedding party, and even included Meghan's best friend's kids in their big day. The bridesmaids are Harry's goddaughters, Miss Florence van Cutsem, 3, and Miss Zalie Warren, 2, Meghan's goddaughters, Miss Remi Litt, 6, Miss Rylan Litt, 7, and Meghan's best friend's daughter, Miss Ivy Mulroney, 4. The page boys joining George consisted of Harry's godson, Master Jasper Dyer, 6, and Ivy Mulroney's brothers, Master Brian Mulroney, 7, and Master John Mulroney, 7.

    How very modern of them!

  • But as sweet as these kiddos are, we'd be lying if we said we aren't bummed about Prince Louis not attending today.

    We've known for a while that Prince Louis would stay home in lieu of going to the chapel with his parents and older siblings, but that doesn't mean we still weren't keeping our fingers crossed for a surprise appearance. Oh well. Guess now that Meghan and Harry are officially hitched, we can go ahead and start looking forward to Louis's christening. These royals sure know how to leave us wanting more.