Miranda Lambert's Married Boyfriend Just Took Steps to Speed Up His Divorce

Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker
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Things are getting pretty interesting for this reported new Hollywood couple (or is it Nashville couple, since they're country stars?). In case you haven't heard, Miranda Lambert is dating a married man, Turnpike Troubadours singer Evan Felker. And now it looks like there's movement toward his uncoupling from his estranged wife, as Evan filed new court papers to help speed up his divorce once and for all.

  • Evan and Miranda's new romance made headlines last month after whispers that they got together while linked to other people.

    Miranda Lambert, Staci Felker, and Evan Felker
    Jamie Gilliam/REUTERS; stacifelker/Instagram

    Miranda and Evan's relationship certainly is not lacking in the drama department, as they reportedly got together when Miranda was still with then-boyfriend Anderson East, and Evan was still very married to his wife Staci. Evan allegedly "ghosted" his wife after touring with Miranda in early February, only to file divorce papers the day after Valentine's Day. To make matters worse, outlets claim that Staci didn't find out about everything -- including the divorce -- until she read it in the newspaper (ouch). And if that's not bad enough, reports surfaced that Staci and Evan were trying for a baby, which makes this entire thing all sorts of messy.

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  • And now, it looks like Evan is trying to speed up his divorce by filing a "scheduled order to end the relationship," Us Weekly reports.

    Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker
    Ronin 47/London Entertainment/Splash News; Rob Kim/Getty Images

    The new court documents Evan filed on May 15 are to preempt any "unruly delay" Staci might cause in getting divorce.

  • The singer's estranged wife recently posted this photo on Instagram, seemingly responding to his push for a faster divorce:

    "#Mood," Staci Felker captioned her Instagram post. This isn't the first time Staci commented on Evan's controversial relationship with Miranda. When news first broke of their romance, the estranged wife took to Instagram Stories to write, "PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, SO CAN YOU."

  • Who the heck knows how all of this will unfold.

    Miranda and Evan have yet to publicly address their rumored romance -- so who knows when that would happen. (It is, however, pretty suspect that Evan's wife seems to be sounding off, so this might be a "where there's smoke, there's fire" situation.)

    One can only hope there will be peace and healing for everyone involved.

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